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Problem with in-box and requests
Views: 614 · Added: 736027 days ago

My in box shows one new message and I also show to have 2 requests, but there is nothing there. Is there any way to clear this? Thanks!

shaving pubes
Views: 614 · Added: 1285 days ago

yesterday i decided to shave all my pubes and go completely bald. it was my first time and honestly i was a little nervous. the next day where i shaved has a lot of irritated red bumps and it is a little itchy. how can i stop this from happening next time. thanks in advance for the advice

uploading vids?????????????????????????????????????
Views: 613 · Added: 1209 days ago

how does alex17 get to upload 14 vids in one day and i can't even get 1 out of 20 vids to post on my profile. Something is very wrong here. I can upload almost 20 vids in a day and not one gets posted, ever hear the phrase it's not who you know but who you blow?

What was your first gay experience?
Views: 613 · Added: 1208 days ago

When I was 12 I fell totally in love with my best friend. When I realized this I was devastated because I realized then too that being gay meant I was an object of ridicule at school and my best friend was one of the biggest users of the word gay as being uncool, but he was the type of kid you just couldn’t not be friends with. (The double negative was the only way to put it)
On my 13th birthday I got him to spend the night and there he was sleeping next to me and I couldn’t fall asleep. I just laid there staring at him and then finally he turned away from me and I just dozed off. Then before I was totally in REM I felt something touching my dick ever so lightly. I almost thought nothing of it, but ever so gradually more pressure was being applied to my brief covered cock. I opened my eyes just enough to find that he had his hand behind him and he was cupping me in his palm and very slowly so as not to wake me he started to squeeze his fingers around it.
That was all that happened that night. I just pretended to be asleep, but that was my very first gay experience and I’ll remember it to my dying day.

Terrific t-shirt
Views: 613 · Added: 1431 days ago

On a site called milkboys, they had a picture of a normal looking kid with a t-shirt that said "I'm not happy as in gay but queer as in fuck you." Terrific philosophy to kive by. I'd vote 7 or 8 times for a presidential candidate with that motto. Barney Frank comes close but no one would vote for short ugly guy.
Please post on this site. I'd love to use this photo as avatar rather than my ugly face. That t-shirt says pretty much everything you'd want to know about me at the age of 64.

top rated
Views: 613 · Added: 1430 days ago

sorry nick, i mean the top rated list users

Views: 613 · Added: 1421 days ago

I'm looking for a guy (possibly teen but must be under 22 years old) who REALLY LOVES TO WANK and does it VERY OFTEN.
I want somebody who i can chat with about it and wank together... maybe c2c sometimes.

Views: 613 · Added: 653 days ago

Hey guys! :) Just wanted to know if I am the only one who thinks the JuicyBoys-advertising (while watching porns) is really, really disgusting?

I just fucking hate it and reload the page for another "normal" advertisment :D Are there other guys who think like me or am I stupid? :P

Views: 613 · Added: 1510 days ago

Hey everybody im 18 and new to this site :) please help me figure out what i need to do on this page what i need to upload and things :) thx

losing anal cherry
Views: 613 · Added: 789 days ago

How old were you when you lost your anal cherry? How did it happen?

I was fifteen and I lost it to my neighbor, who was 40. He asked me to mow his lawn, and it was a hot day. When I finished, I was sweaty and was wearing only a pair of shorts and sneakers. He invited me in for refreshments. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was on my back with his 8" cock pounding my boy cherry. He came inside me and then kissed me and held me. I now work for him regularly. I'm still 15 and he still shags me each time. He sucks me off too and once he let me shag him. I found out I'm definitely a bottom. lol

So how about you. How did you lose your cherry?

heres a question
Views: 613 · Added: 876 days ago

whats a good way to start sex. i find the start really really awkward

Views: 613 · Added: 158 days ago

They say that boys with acnes on the faces masturbate to much. Is it true? I like boys with acnes. Anyone else?

Scam FBI Warning???
Views: 612 · Added: 859 days ago

Anyone else visiting this site getting this scam FBI warning taking over your PC? I think this site or some files on here are infected.

Unexpected suprise
Views: 612 · Added: 1242 days ago

I was wondering if anyone else has ever been in a situation where they were with someone who they would really like to do something with but were not sure how to suggest it. Only to have the other person make the advance?
Some friends and I were swimming at a river when I was about 19 and a another young man joined us. My friends who did not know I was secretly gay had to leave and so I was alone with this young man. He was nice looking, friendly and though I had seen him before I didn't know much about him. I remember thinking how great if would be if I knew him well enough to suggest something but was afraid he might reject me and tell everyone my secret. We took a break from swimming and were laying on the grass and he asked me if I ever fooled around with another guy. Suprised and a little afraid that he was trying to set me up in some way I said no why? He said He was wondering if I'd like to fool around a bit with him. Realizing he was serious I said where, right here? He asked why not? The place was out of the way and we could hear anyone approaching so I said ok. He took of his cut off jeans and told me to undress nd I did. We lay next to each other and I was a bit nervous. He was quite a bit bigger than me and I was facinated by his hard on. He reached over and began rubbing my balls and dick and I soon became hard. He then began sucking my cock and I couldn't believe how wonderfull it was in the light of day to be doing this. My previous experiences had all been at night in the dark. I began stroking him while he sucked and I told him I was close to cumming. He stopped and said he didn't want me to cum yet and moved to where his cock was close to my head. I began sucking on him and it was amazing. He was gentle not thrusting too deep and rubbed my balls and cock while I worked on him. He said he was close and I mumbled ok. He soon came in my mouth and I managed to swallow everything. He then began sucking on me and after a few moments I experienced one of the most intense orgasams I have had even to this day. We swam a while, had a few beers and then I gave him a longer, slower blowjob, all the while thinking this is so incerdible! It was so muchbetter in the daylight I wondered why I had never tried it before.
Over the summer we got together several times until he joined the service. I lost touch with him but I'll always remember that sunny afternoon on the river bank.

new englanders for chat or friends/
Views: 612 · Added: 736027 days ago

anybody in the new england area wants to chat or something hit me up or e mail me. thanks.

Hey Guys
Views: 611 · Added: 1510 days ago

Im a bi boy from Germandy and I want Sex .
Youre not older about 22 years, then you can write with me .

Lets do it guys .

c2c skype
Views: 611 · Added: 1493 days ago

i am 20yo i aam hairly and i love make c2c in skype and stay witth that contact to be friends . if you want a friend and make alot of c2c tell me your skype acount =D and i am interested in 21yo or younger tnx bye loves to all and a happy 2011 =p

Views: 610 · Added: 736027 days ago

So the FAQ is blank, there's no download option, and no confirmation email was sent. I must be missing something.

Views: 610 · Added: 1120 days ago

I will begin by telling you about myself, several years ago when this wonderful sexual experience happened between me & Jeremy. I was 15. 5'8", slim build, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a swimmers body Jeremy was of Italian descent, with an olive complexion, dark brown hair about 5'6" tall, about 140 lbs., 14 years old, and pretty smooth
body. We were school frends.
We had a swimming pool at my house. And on this day Jeremy decided to go for a swim. I stayed inside in the air conditioning, but that did not stop me from watching him. His white boardie shorts clung to him when they got wet. I watched as he would dive into the pool from the diving board. His package seemed impressive even when not excited.

When Jeremy finally came inside. he wrapped a towel around himself and laid down on the couch with his head resting near my lap. I
really did not know what to do as I was experiencing a growing problem.

Jeremy rolled over on his stomach and asked me to rub his back because he was sore from swimming for so long. We had done this b4 2 each other after swimming. I rubbed his back for awhile and he
turned over about a quarter turn. I stopped but he motioned for me to keep rubbing by rolling his shoulders. I did as he wished stroking his back and the right side he had exposed to me. I stroked his side to his armpit feeling just a light dusting of hair under his arm. After several minutes he rolled over onto his back. This really made me nervous because I did not know where this was going, but I was soon to find out. Once on his back, I again ceased to caress his body. Once again he motioned
for me to continue. Reluctantly, I did as he wished. Now I was stroking his stomach and chest. Whenever I was rubbing his chest, I noticed that he would lift his hips a little bit and as I moved lower, he too would lower his hips. I was not quite sure what this meant for several minutes. After a few series of this movement, as I moved lower, he inhaled deeply to get me to proceed lower. As I did this, I discovered he had pulled his boardie shorts down. I ran my fingers along the waistband of his purple undies, and much to my surprise, I felt his bulbous head protruding from his underwear.
By this time I was leaking precum profusely.
I moved back up to rub his chest for a bit and again his hips rose up. As I caressed his lower body, I felt for the elastic band of his purple briefs but could not find it. My hand moved toward his pelvic region and I discovered that he had slipped his undies down. I felt a very nice light patch of pubic hair. The best part was that I found his cock to be no less than 7" cut, thick, and rock hard. I stroked him and rubbed his cock head and his balls 4 a few minutes, then I noticed his balls tightening and WOW, jet after jet after jet of
hot,sweet boy juice exploded up his chest, filled his belly button with boys milk, ran down his hot cock in2 his pubes. He was breathing hard with his eyes shut, I was squeezing his now soft cock 2 get all of his milk out. I scooped up some of Jeremy’s cum on2 my fingers and he licked it off, I then licked the rest off his chest, it was warm and salty, but yum. That was Jeremy’s first time. It would not be his last!

Avatar profile
Views: 610 · Added: 1503 days ago

I can now at long last view my avatar profile and except new friend requests. This site seems to be getting back on it's feet, especially after the major overhaul.

do opposites attract?
Views: 610 · Added: 824 days ago

Im curious about if guys like other guys who are like them or different from them? I just mean about physical looks here. I mostly look at guys who are pretty much totally different than me, like tall and muscular and maybe a little hairy (hairy chest = mmmm!) and a little older. So im wondering, do most guys like other guys that are like them or different?

Does this sound foolish or is it possible to still be abused by your father at the age of 18 nearly 19? Like would you consider this abuse....Today my dad would not stop shouting at me calling me ''simple and worthless'' over really little things that i do wrong. Like it's been this way for years. He's made it clear to me since i was at least 10 that i was a mistake and my other brothers are his favourite and he has no time for me. Every week theres always something he will call (not in a joking way, but just in a way to knock my selfconfidence and make me feel like shit). I have to walk around the house looking at the ground so i dont make eye contact with him because if i do it will just be a cold stare off him or he would shake his head at me.
I would move out but i have zero money or i would get a job but theres absolutely no jobs.
Do i sound stupid? or can you really still get ''mentally abused'' at my age?
my self esteem and confidence is already low enough im not sure i can take alot more of this. i would love to hit him in the face but he would just hit back.
i started to shove a pin into myself the last couple of days to block getting angry but one of my friends seen all the dots on my arm from doing that and doesnt think its such a good idea!

I didnt lie about a thing i just said there. i really do need some answers!
To put it correctly im extremely fucking miserable.
i told him today im hoping to go on holidays for a week and he just laughed at me and just said il never do anything with my life.
He says that alot that i will never do anything with my life...and the worst part is im starting to believe him! i dont think i could spend another minute doing nothing with my life and being at home.

i no i may sound silly, im really not trying to. i just really cant explain it

please anyone know what i can do?

Views: 609 · Added: 94 days ago

Homemade porn videos!!!
Views: 609 · Added: 414 days ago

I always think homemade porn videos are the best!!! It makes me harder!

Like i mean, If theres videos of lads pissing on each other on dis....Then u must be aload talk about anything LOL

Views: 608 · Added: 1505 days ago

im a horny young teen, if anyone wants to jerk off with me add me on skype: hairylatino643. specifically lookin for hot older men between 30-50.

Views: 608 · Added: 1048 days ago

I can´t download the vids at this night. Anyone have an idea what´s up??

looking in nc :)
Views: 607 · Added: 1423 days ago

any younger tops in the nc area :) very much into super skinny to average and very much into short guys :)

Dad and Son vids
Views: 606 · Added: 736027 days ago

Some on here are hot tell everone which one YOU like the best here on the Blogs

Views: 606 · Added: 1177 days ago

I was just wondering what sports do you play
(football, basketball, tennis, swimming, ect)
I wrestle

Views: 606 · Added: 1063 days ago

Iv'e been debating for a little while whether i should shave my dick or not?? Figured I would just ask all of you cute boys! Comment on what I should do!

Teenboy idols
Views: 606 · Added: 756 days ago

Do you have any favorite teen boy idols and who are they?

Views: 605 · Added: 986 days ago

c2c ? i'm 17 let me yours skype username

Private pics
Views: 605 · Added: 1426 days ago

I was editing one of my albums and when i re-saved it was no longer private.
Why is this? and can it be made private again please?

Who do you miss the most in your life?
Views: 605 · Added: 41 days ago

To me it would be my father.

how come i cant post a blog
Views: 605 · Added: 736027 days ago

how come i cant post a blog


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