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New Categories Added
Views: 574 · Added: 827 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know we added a few new categories Short Films,
Solo, Vintage, and Huge Cocks and if you guys would like any others I might have another 2 we can add soon. Thax

Any 1 got any tips
Views: 574 · Added: 755 days ago

has anyone got any tips on how to get with someone cuase im feeling rather lonely and jealous of all the people on facebook and on here with boyfriends or girlfriends and just want some tips on how to just get one or at least become good friends

looking 4 younger
Views: 572 · Added: 879 days ago

would love to find a younger guy that likes to top :) i am from the nc area so if ur interested send me a message :)

what is the most attractive for you?
Views: 571 · Added: 773 days ago

Just wondering what you are running after, with or without success.

need advice!!
Views: 571 · Added: 850 days ago

ok i'm in a weird position. i have this friend from school that i have wanted to fuck for a year now but i cant figure out how to get him alone and how toget him to have sex with me. we have swam naked with other people, played truth or dare naked with other people and take a steam shower naked by ourselves. he is always acking in a gay way towards me feeling me up and telling me about when he tried fingering himself but im not convinced he is not just act crazy with friends.
also we are almost never alone because even when he stays over my house at night i have a twin brother so he stays with us and even if he were to do anything with me im pretty sure he wont with my brother there.

i am kinda desperate. jerking off is not cutting anymore i am way to horny and he is my only chance of getting any ass. HELP

Avatar profile
Views: 570 · Added: 1220 days ago

I can now at long last view my avatar profile and except new friend requests. This site seems to be getting back on it's feet, especially after the major overhaul.

Hey Guys
Views: 570 · Added: 1227 days ago

Im a bi boy from Germandy and I want Sex .
Youre not older about 22 years, then you can write with me .

Lets do it guys .

Why dont my friends talk to me?
Views: 570 · Added: 160 days ago

All these people wanna friend add me but they dont talk to me. Why is that? I'm a fun person!

I'm a fun boy. And I am very smart too. What's up with these bitches?

thick cocks and hard sex.
Views: 570 · Added: 551 days ago

Met with a guy last night. 44 big bear body and as he mentioned in an email to me, he has a thick cock.
It deffo was too. About 6 half inches.
He picked me up in his car.i sucked him.tho quite difficult.i cud fit it in my mouth just not alot.
But ive had a couple thick cocks b4 so i new what to felt warm in my mouth which was good and tasted nice.on my top 5 list of nice tasting cocks.i rubbed his big balls in my hand and also jacked him with my felt like a great cock to touch.i like it when it starts gets me even more then licking his smooth balls all the way up to his cock head, then down, then all around.
20 mins pass. Im really getting stuck in.his cock has pre cum all over it. Im bobbing down his cock then bringing up to tongue his sensitive purple head, making sure i lick his then littrally gobbling both of his smooth balls into my mouth while jacking his hand is wet with pre cum and my mouth is stuffed.
I then wrap my mouth around the base of his cock, just above his wet balls and slide up with my tongue.he sitting there naked groaning and moaning, my hands have wandered onto his beary hairy body and im going down deep.
hes litterally not able to control himself. Hes calling out,swearing. I kno whats coming.
I take hold of his wt cock and jack off as fast as i can.hes so loud, even im moaning now."cum for me daddy" i say.and he does.b4 my mouth is on it he shoots two shots on my face then i feel 3,4,5 more cum shots erupt n my mouth. Hes shaking,moaning like crazy, im swalowing.taste good.hes loking down at faced, sweating, breathing hard.he smiles at me and rubs my licking his cock still, cleaning it. I tll him his spunk taste good.
Ten mins later while hes resting, hes lubing my ass, gettingin there good.i wiped the cum off my faceand used it s extra lube.
His fingers are thick and are going deep.
Im face down.hes ovr me spreading my cheeks.his touch feels good.i feel as his wet cock head touchs my hole, i moan.he pokes it hardr and it slids ass stretches like crazy, it slihty hurts but not alot.i can feel him going all the way in me.i handle the pressure then he slips out.
He sounds happy. Cause hes just fittd deep in me.he sed he would.again he pokes me deep, i can fels his big balls againts my ass.he litrally keeps his dick deep in moaning loudly .plesure/pain.
He fucks me hard, pulling his dick almost out then slaming hard in.he goes fst for five minutes fucking me lke a doll. The car is shaking lke mad.hes grunting im moaning like a bitch calling him daddy.
Im feelin my hole as hes slaming feels wide and wet.his balls slam againts me. I ask for more.
Then he puls out to turn me round on my legs go high and he fucks me more.hes loking at me moaning and i see him sweating and groaning.hes pressed over me. His thick cock still deep in me. I grab his waist and push deeper.
Hes about to cum i can see it in between my moans i tell him to cum in me.
Ten seconds later he bashes my ass wild and i feel him cum inme. His cock pulsates. After a few seconds he rest. Just his thickness stretching me. He pulls out. I feel my ass. Itsvwide and drippng his cum. I lay for a rest as he cleans up. We agree to meet again. Tonight.

who is ur fav porn star and why
Views: 569 · Added: 839 days ago

mine is jesse starr. he is a bottom and when ever he is being drilled he makes the sexiest noises. so now that i have said mine and why who is ur fav porn star and why

Views: 569 · Added: 960 days ago

Any updates on being able to play videos on iPod?

Views: 569 · Added: 126 days ago

I see that Steel has departed GBT and am very sorry to see him go; hope he returns one day - he was certainly one of the best members on here.

He had a great sense of humour, was not a 'professional victim', not a cry baby, didn't take offence at the least little thing and made it a pleasure to be online.

So long pardner!

Views: 569 · Added: 819 days ago

hi come i cant see any photos,for the last week?????

i can't seem to change my profile picture...
Views: 568 · Added: 735744 days ago

anyone else having that issue?

Views: 568 · Added: 735744 days ago

Any body ever wants to chat just hit me up. If ur from Ohio lets chat and amybe hook up :)

Whose Cock Do I Have To Suck?
Views: 568 · Added: 759 days ago

Seriously. It's been more than 2 WEEKS. I uploaded 3 videos. And have heard NOTHING. Not published. Not rejected. I'm not angry. I'm confused. How long does review take here? Maybe this is normal. It takes a week on Motherless for non-Premium members to get their videos reviewed (I'm a Premium member; takes less than 8 hours).

The pics I uploaded were approved almost immediately.

I have many more videos I'd like to share, as well as pics. But I won't bother till I get an answer to this question. Thanks.

no blogs
Views: 567 · Added: 536 days ago

i think it would be better not to have this blog thing on this gay porn site, Gay porn! not your political/religious views or your crying for help when you break a fingernail

Am I banned?
Views: 567 · Added: 914 days ago

It seems I can't upload any vids legal or not, am I banned?

Views: 566 · Added: 779 days ago

Iv'e been debating for a little while whether i should shave my dick or not?? Figured I would just ask all of you cute boys! Comment on what I should do!

Does this sound foolish or is it possible to still be abused by your father at the age of 18 nearly 19? Like would you consider this abuse....Today my dad would not stop shouting at me calling me ''simple and worthless'' over really little things that i do wrong. Like it's been this way for years. He's made it clear to me since i was at least 10 that i was a mistake and my other brothers are his favourite and he has no time for me. Every week theres always something he will call (not in a joking way, but just in a way to knock my selfconfidence and make me feel like shit). I have to walk around the house looking at the ground so i dont make eye contact with him because if i do it will just be a cold stare off him or he would shake his head at me.
I would move out but i have zero money or i would get a job but theres absolutely no jobs.
Do i sound stupid? or can you really still get ''mentally abused'' at my age?
my self esteem and confidence is already low enough im not sure i can take alot more of this. i would love to hit him in the face but he would just hit back.
i started to shove a pin into myself the last couple of days to block getting angry but one of my friends seen all the dots on my arm from doing that and doesnt think its such a good idea!

I didnt lie about a thing i just said there. i really do need some answers!
To put it correctly im extremely fucking miserable.
i told him today im hoping to go on holidays for a week and he just laughed at me and just said il never do anything with my life.
He says that alot that i will never do anything with my life...and the worst part is im starting to believe him! i dont think i could spend another minute doing nothing with my life and being at home.

i no i may sound silly, im really not trying to. i just really cant explain it

please anyone know what i can do?

Trouble with counter on an uploaded video
Views: 566 · Added: 1208 days ago

Hi. Still can't get the counter to work on videos like Anyone know why? Thank you.

hot vid
Views: 566 · Added: 1027 days ago

this vid has got me sooooo hot - i so want to fuck this lad:

Bath Houses?
Views: 565 · Added: 753 days ago

Does anyone ever go to gay Bath houses? In my area they are popular with the gay community. I'm thinking about going to one but would love some input. Like what is common etiquette? How to say yes and no? Any other pointers will help a lot. thanks.

Views: 565 · Added: 1138 days ago

I'm looking for a guy (possibly teen but must be under 22 years old) who REALLY LOVES TO WANK and does it VERY OFTEN.
I want somebody who i can chat with about it and wank together... maybe c2c sometimes.

Red Heads/Gingers
Views: 565 · Added: 744 days ago

Anyone know any cute red headed twinks?

For all Sperm Lover <3
Views: 564 · Added: 699 days ago

so tell me your most excieting experience about cum ! where do you like it, how do you like it .... whatever ... TELL US .. share your sperm love with us :D

Views: 564 · Added: 1071 days ago

do you get turned on by incest, and have you ever done it??

Gay Experience with Brother(s)
Views: 564 · Added: 5 days ago

Have you ever had a gay experience with your brother(s)? If yes, did happen only once, occasionally or frequenty?

Unfortunately for me, I do not have a brother but I wish I did growing up...

Sexy cute twinks
Views: 564 · Added: 1064 days ago

Anyone have any good pics of sexy young
Guys ?

Views: 564 · Added: 735744 days ago

4964 -

13093 GB03/1 -
13094 GB03/2 -
13095 GB03/3 -
12877 GB07/4 -
9820 GB17clip

11168 FwF

-BwsC -
11560 (F)
10382 (F)
4488 (F)

would any one want me to post the GTS boys?
Views: 564 · Added: 558 days ago

i have all of the gts boys series and vids on thier site.let me know if anyone would want me to post them

Electrosex Stimulation???
Views: 563 · Added: 662 days ago

Has anyone ever tried Electrosex stimulation? I have seen videos of people doing it and looks interesting. Want to get some input before I invest the money into it.

uploading clips
Views: 563 · Added: 1215 days ago

Hi ! In the past week I've uploaded approx. 5 vids but not one of these clips have made it on this site. If the problem should be on my side I kindly request the management to come forward and issue an explanation. My kind thanks in advance to anybody who's prepaired to give me access to any good advice. Wishing you all, and my friends, A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year !

Views: 563 · Added: 114 days ago

I notice more members have their albums set to "private".
Many thanks to the members who make their posts available to all.
Your generosity is much appreciated.

Suck like a girl??????
Views: 562 · Added: 359 days ago

Watched an amateur vid recently and a guy says to another who is servicing him 'You suck like a girl'. Huh????????? Call me stupid but am I missing something here? Was that meant as a compliment or insult? help me out guys, I'm confused. (


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