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Scam FBI Warning???
Views: 601 · Added: 791 days ago

Anyone else visiting this site getting this scam FBI warning taking over your PC? I think this site or some files on here are infected.

looking in nc :)
Views: 601 · Added: 1356 days ago

any younger tops in the nc area :) very much into super skinny to average and very much into short guys :)

Teenboy idols
Views: 601 · Added: 688 days ago

Do you have any favorite teen boy idols and who are they?

Age: 111
City: Los Angeles
Country: US
About Me: Love porn. Can't get enough
Here For: The young amatuer vids
Favorite Categories: Bareback, young, piss, public, caught,
Ideal Partner: 12+ w/ natural pubes :-) <-------
Erogenic Zones: Balls, legs, lips
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Guys

Views: 600 · Added: 1432 days ago

Anyone 18 and under in the bay area friend request me!

Lost my virginity ;)
Views: 600 · Added: 144 days ago


Views: 599 · Added: 1110 days ago

I was just wondering what sports do you play
(football, basketball, tennis, swimming, ect)
I wrestle

I'm not out, looking for others to talk to.

Private pics
Views: 599 · Added: 1358 days ago

I was editing one of my albums and when i re-saved it was no longer private.
Why is this? and can it be made private again please?

Avatar profile
Views: 599 · Added: 1435 days ago

I can now at long last view my avatar profile and except new friend requests. This site seems to be getting back on it's feet, especially after the major overhaul.

Problem with in-box and requests
Views: 599 · Added: 735960 days ago

My in box shows one new message and I also show to have 2 requests, but there is nothing there. Is there any way to clear this? Thanks!

new englanders for chat or friends/
Views: 599 · Added: 735960 days ago

anybody in the new england area wants to chat or something hit me up or e mail me. thanks.

do opposites attract?
Views: 598 · Added: 756 days ago

Im curious about if guys like other guys who are like them or different from them? I just mean about physical looks here. I mostly look at guys who are pretty much totally different than me, like tall and muscular and maybe a little hairy (hairy chest = mmmm!) and a little older. So im wondering, do most guys like other guys that are like them or different?

Views: 598 · Added: 90 days ago

They say that boys with acnes on the faces masturbate to much. Is it true? I like boys with acnes. Anyone else?

Like i mean, If theres videos of lads pissing on each other on dis....Then u must be aload talk about anything LOL

For all Sperm Lover <3
Views: 597 · Added: 914 days ago

so tell me your most excieting experience about cum ! where do you like it, how do you like it .... whatever ... TELL US .. share your sperm love with us :D

Hey Guys
Views: 597 · Added: 1443 days ago

Im a bi boy from Germandy and I want Sex .
Youre not older about 22 years, then you can write with me .

Lets do it guys .

Views: 597 · Added: 342 days ago

I see that Steel has departed GBT and am very sorry to see him go; hope he returns one day - he was certainly one of the best members on here.

He had a great sense of humour, was not a 'professional victim', not a cry baby, didn't take offence at the least little thing and made it a pleasure to be online.

So long pardner!

Small dicks
Views: 596 · Added: 121 days ago

Hey guys! just curious, what size would you consider a small dick when fully erect?

what is the kinkiest thing u have ever done
Views: 596 · Added: 893 days ago

i have had a threesome where a guy dribbled chocolate sause on me then liked it off, light spanking what is the kinkiest you have done

what is the most attractive for you?
Views: 595 · Added: 989 days ago

Just wondering what you are running after, with or without success.

Views: 595 · Added: 1036 days ago

I'm going to watch some gay movies such as Mysterious Skin, LIE, and Summer Storm.

Views: 595 · Added: 1034 days ago

hi come i cant see any photos,for the last week?????

no blogs
Views: 594 · Added: 752 days ago

i think it would be better not to have this blog thing on this gay porn site, Gay porn! not your political/religious views or your crying for help when you break a fingernail

uploading vids?????????????????????????????????????
Views: 593 · Added: 1142 days ago

how does alex17 get to upload 14 vids in one day and i can't even get 1 out of 20 vids to post on my profile. Something is very wrong here. I can upload almost 20 vids in a day and not one gets posted, ever hear the phrase it's not who you know but who you blow?

Views: 593 · Added: 1437 days ago

im a horny young teen, if anyone wants to jerk off with me add me on skype: hairylatino643. specifically lookin for hot older men between 30-50.

Views: 593 · Added: 586 days ago

Hey guys! :) Just wanted to know if I am the only one who thinks the JuicyBoys-advertising (while watching porns) is really, really disgusting?

I just fucking hate it and reload the page for another "normal" advertisment :D Are there other guys who think like me or am I stupid? :P

sex with strangers
Views: 593 · Added: 193 days ago

anyone ever just meet up with someone or meet someone new and end up having sex? describe the situation.

need advice!!
Views: 593 · Added: 1066 days ago

ok i'm in a weird position. i have this friend from school that i have wanted to fuck for a year now but i cant figure out how to get him alone and how toget him to have sex with me. we have swam naked with other people, played truth or dare naked with other people and take a steam shower naked by ourselves. he is always acking in a gay way towards me feeling me up and telling me about when he tried fingering himself but im not convinced he is not just act crazy with friends.
also we are almost never alone because even when he stays over my house at night i have a twin brother so he stays with us and even if he were to do anything with me im pretty sure he wont with my brother there.

i am kinda desperate. jerking off is not cutting anymore i am way to horny and he is my only chance of getting any ass. HELP

Any 1 got any tips
Views: 593 · Added: 970 days ago

has anyone got any tips on how to get with someone cuase im feeling rather lonely and jealous of all the people on facebook and on here with boyfriends or girlfriends and just want some tips on how to just get one or at least become good friends

Suck like a girl??????
Views: 592 · Added: 574 days ago

Watched an amateur vid recently and a guy says to another who is servicing him 'You suck like a girl'. Huh????????? Call me stupid but am I missing something here? Was that meant as a compliment or insult? help me out guys, I'm confused. (

grow your penis
Views: 592 · Added: 833 days ago

is it possible to perminitly grow the size of your penis

Views: 592 · Added: 995 days ago

Iv'e been debating for a little while whether i should shave my dick or not?? Figured I would just ask all of you cute boys! Comment on what I should do!

would any one want me to post the GTS boys?
Views: 592 · Added: 773 days ago

i have all of the gts boys series and vids on thier site.let me know if anyone would want me to post them

What's your favorite?
Views: 592 · Added: 92 days ago

What's your favorite video on here? :)


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