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Tank top guys
Views: 141 · Added: 125 days ago

Saw a guy in my gym yesterday wearing a really sexy tank top. Very thin straps, showing mots of his pecs, cut at the back - so sexy. He had a good body as well. I like wearing TT's but dont have anything like this - yet.

What clothes turn you guys on?

Is there anyone that is from florida?
Views: 141 · Added: 985 days ago

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone that is from florida? I would like to have a friend to talk too. If interested. send me a message. You all Have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading this

feet lover
Views: 141 · Added: 706 days ago

hi my name is marco im 19 im a feed addick,take a look at my vid and pics on beaupied.
write me your best feet sex scene whit other dude and why you love feet.
i get horny just by readind you.
thank marco xxxx

adding photos
Views: 140 · Added: 1243 days ago

hi everyone, im quite new, just wondering how to upload photos on to here, not my profile pic cos ive got that, but just like normal photos? x

seriously now ~ when it comes to marmite
Views: 140 · Added: 666 days ago

are you a lover or a hater :) comments beyond one term or the other most welcome!

Any Cute Boys in the NYC Area?
Views: 140 · Added: 159 days ago

Looking for cute teen twinks that want to take my 8.5" thick uncut bare cock deep in their tight boys holes.

Blog Repies
Views: 140 · Added: 663 days ago

I have tried over the last 2 days to reply to a blog but it doesnt go through. Is there a problem?

Looking for chats
Views: 140 · Added: 1024 days ago

heyy boys- looking for sum new guys to chat with my age and younger. I get really hard sending msgs back and fourth and I also have msn. luv hearin about losing v cards, hells i jus luv talkin thats nething related to sex! hit me up

Milking you
Views: 140 · Added: 309 days ago

Who will let milk them dry.
Would you feed me all of your sweet milk let me drink it all.
Let me know?
Like sweet young milk the best.

top or bottom
Views: 140 · Added: 84 days ago

my partner and i have had many interesting discussions as to how a guy developes preference toward top or bottom. we have had the aggresive/passive discussion, but also ownder if it could be within a persons genes to have a preference. maybe it could be based on favorable or horrible experiences. what are your thoughts?

Big eybrows
Views: 140 · Added: 731 days ago

Does anyone get turned on by large eybrows.
I wonder why so many cute guys have big ones.

horny chat
Views: 140 · Added: 750 days ago

lookin 4 guys my age near my age (22) to chat/cam with lets cum to gethere please contact me

Saying Good Buy To GBT.
Views: 140 · Added: 456 days ago

After posting a little about myself on this blog being a Marine who is very open and truthful. will lookes like not evryone as true as thay say, you see ive sent a number of replys and recived only two back. and i would like to thank those who replayed back. and not one left a remark on the blog i posed. not good. Good buy folks. Riverdog.

You can add New Blogs Now
Views: 140 · Added: 204 days ago

anybody want to chat
Views: 140 · Added: 774 days ago

I just feeling loney and just would like to know if anyone want to chat with me

I apologize for pissing joel off
Views: 140 · Added: 14 days ago

My taint has hurt all day long.

Views: 140 · Added: 602 days ago

Hey does anyone have the video Boy For Hire, I ask Nick if he could post it, but alas he says it may have gotten dumped. If you do could you be so kind as to upload it. I would like to put it in my HD back-up. Thanks.

Views: 140 · Added: 308 days ago

Why can't delete blog posts n comments?
Views: 140 · Added: 100 days ago

i like this short film

power bottoms
Views: 140 · Added: 596 days ago

any power bottoms looking for a top

Views: 140 · Added: 638 days ago

i know porn is....fixed, not real, but, how do guys last soooo efing long b4 cumming? good grief.. i can bust in a minute or two and every1 just seems to go and go....... gives me a complex!!!
any1 have a suggestion?

New profile pic
Views: 140 · Added: 531 days ago

Finally managed to figure how to do it LOL hope you all like it heheheh

Mein Blog
Views: 140 · Added: 554 days ago <--------- das beste Homosexuell Blog von Brasilien, ist nicht Viren oder Spam. kommt und genieße es ein wenig. Vergessen Sie nicht zu kommentieren, ist es immer gut zu wissen, was die Leser wollen

Il mio blog
Views: 140 · Added: 554 days ago <--------- il miglior blog gay del Brasile, non è privo di virus o spam. viene e godere un po '. non dimenticate di commentare, è sempre bene sapere quello che i lettori vogliono

Views: 140 · Added: 709 days ago

hey all i have been helping gay guys who go to my school who get bullyed because they are gay because i have been bullied the same way when i was their age but i'm 17 now and i don't get bullied anymore because they stopped bullying me because i just pretend that they are not there and i know their are some under age people on this site and i just want to say if you are getting bullied because you are gay all you need to do is pretend that they are not there and they are surely to stop because they will get bored and if anyone has any other problems you can inbox me and i will be happy to help

Hi there
Views: 140 · Added: 707 days ago

Newbie looking for friends any wolfs out there?. please answer me, am a lonely wolf.
I promise to answer back.
Thank you all

Enemas, suppositories
Views: 139 · Added: 198 days ago

Did any one get these growing up or still do them for medical reasons or for forplay? Would like to hear from guys that got them when they were in high school or college.

dateing a twin
Views: 139 · Added: 439 days ago

im dating a twin! hes 100% gay and his brother is 100%straight they are exactly alike! dress alike do the same sports hair cut the same play the same instruments! they even both play Pokemon at 18! he said he would absolutely never do anything with his brother sexually. (like most i was wondering too :P)

the only way i can tell them apart is facial expression. mine is always excited and happy looking :D and by the way they talk. mine swings his voice a lot when he talks and is higher pitched normally (not the gay lisp)
but if his brother yells.. the more excited he gets the more they sound the same!
this leads to some misleading and confusing moments at times! ...dont wanna lean in and kiss the wrong one!!! lol jk
oh and hes a swimmer... omg amazing body! definitely a huge turn on! :D
so anyone else ever date a twin?

Views: 139 · Added: 1241 days ago

why wont this vid work??????

Views: 139 · Added: 757 days ago

I decided I was going to upload some videos I found online, but from what I read on the disclaimer on this site, it clearly states, you are certifying that the videos belong to you. I don't personally make porn and I don't know anyone that does. From what I see, most of these videos come from some website and I hardly believe all these users claim ownership for these videos/pictures. It seems everyone just uploads what they find, regardless who it belongs to. So that being said, I won't be uploading any videos/pics. I don't want to be violating any copyright laws.

Views: 139 · Added: 406 days ago

Help how do I change my email on this

Fat Tuesday, (pancake day)
Views: 139 · Added: 435 days ago

In honor of Pope Benedicts abdication and tomorrow being the start of lent I have decided, with much soul searching, for this years Lent season sacrafice I will give up "women" while I know this will be a very difficult struggle with the support of my GBT freinds I think I can make it.........

Views: 139 · Added: 174 days ago

I don't think in all my life I would ask another man to marry me. This past valentines day I asked my boy to marry me. We will be getting married here in Cali. then go to Vegas for a second ceremony. I just thought I would never do this. His parents come in to the states in DEC. we will do vegas for new year.

Views: 139 · Added: 1227 days ago

wot is going on with them

Views: 139 · Added: 1016 days ago

Anyone into skype, my skype is jlfrog246, i should b on every day at 3 pm e.s.t

Help for New Members
Views: 139 · Added: 572 days ago

Id like to Encourage, New members that Have joined recently to,
1/ Upload a profile pic of some Kind,even if its not you,It could even be a Cartoon
or Animated Gif .But remember they must be 120 x 100 pixels. I use Fotosizer for this which is a good program for beginners.
2/ If you,d like to make friends,make sure you fill in some of your profile details.
The more you write, the more Members will know about you.
3/ If you see some Vids or Pics you like.Add them as favourites and they,ll be added to your page, and New friends ,that visit your page will have an idea what you like.
4/ Upload some Videos that youd like to share with other Members.This way you are contributing to what is really a free site ,that realies on its members to upload content.
5/ Upload some pics to an Album that you can share with others.
6/ Ask advice from Members about adding Graphics to your page or visit sites like Pimp my
7/ Build up your friends list so you have more friends to chat to.Some members even share their Yahoo or Msn Address,s.
8/ Take part in the Blogs or even write a blog yourself.
9/Leave a message on your friends walls to stay in contact.

If you follow most of these points,You will have a Wonderful experience on
this site and Gain many New friends.
I also Encourage ,existing members that Have a Blank Wall or no Profile pic
to Add to their pages,by reading the above, ensuring a much better experience on GBT.

Any Comments about the above or Questions to members would be Welcomed Im sure.


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