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Hi everyone
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I am here and I love you all. I want to thank everyone for all your kindness and prayers. I have never in my life had so many friends that cared about me without wanting me to blow them or bend over. It means so much to me. I cried so much when I read Thomas' (Dad's) blog. I cant tell you how I feel right now except to say I love you all. When I am feeling better I have something special to share

Love Alan

Hard to find for phone
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It is hard to find to someone phone someone phone when you are hard and horny. I tried and failed. Maybe my I am lucky here? :) Reply if you are interested.

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I don't get this anymore.....wether theres a gang of convicts all around me or just a bunch of dumb fuckin fat CUNTS that just won't get a fuckin clue. Frankly it feela like I'm being annoyed by convicts or robbers. Alien in other words... Illegal aliens not space aliens. I feel INTIMIDATED all over ANY social media including this one. Which is why I slip out and speak vulgarly. Vulgar displayed language is just my way of expressing me true thoughts to free my hate. I APOLOGIZE to any if it's "offensive" to you. But to whomever is the perpetrators I feel intimadated by.......I end this world. So fuck off and LEAVE ME ALONE. I DIE I'M TAKING THE WHOLE GALAXY AND ALL LIFE IN IT. xox

A good kicking
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I remember one time long ago, I was 19 and was walking home from a nightclub with a friend. (In the UK the legal drinking age is 18). It was about 1am and my friend Gary and I were both rather drunk. We were half way home and stopped for a piss and ended up snogging and groping each other in a shop doorway. We were so much in to each other we never heard the 3 guys walking down the street toward us.

The 3 lads came upon us in the doorway. I was on my knees giving Gary a blowjob. The hail of fists and boots came in and knocked me to the ground. Gary was lucky because he was standing up, but I was the easier target. Gary ran off, ( I can't blame him really) and I was left to take the beating.

I managed to get to my feet and let fly with my fists and feet also. Because the 3 lads and myself were drunk few of the punches or kicks hit their target and little damage was really done.

When I caught up with Gary we had a laugh and we counted ourselves lucky. I got off with a bloody nose and cut lip, some slight bruising but thats all.

I wonder if anything like this has ever happened to any of you guys?

Some to talk to under 19's only
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Hi, i would like to find someone to chat with aged 19 or under, please email or add me on msn at!!

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Any one really horny right now? Let chat! I want you your hot bod.

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who likes DIRTY boyfun? fart, wank-addiction, cheesy dick, etc. i'm 22, looking for guys around my age for chat about this stuff or maybe more.

Gay Bareback Anal Whore
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My name is Michael.

I am a homosexual whore used for no-condom anal fuckings

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What do you think about a person like me?

1. I would have nothing to do with a slut like you!

2. I would like to assfuck you and shoot my cum up your anus.

3. I would like to be a whore like you.

4. I would like to own/control you to use myself or/and to pimp you
to my friends or/and others.


new video
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like to see new vintage video and rest from I DO even some new video would be nice

Views: 152 · Added: 606 days ago

Anybody know how I can add music to my profile?
I'm new be kind :)

Free Cam slave
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Hey I'm offering to be a cam slave for people around my age so no older than 20 sorry add me msn

How is everyone's weekend?
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How has your weekend been going? Any good stories?

Your opinion
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I ask you for your opinion. Do you think I should post a video of me and my cock? I'm just curious because I've never done like that before.

comment if you're over 18 and have a dick of atleast 7". I'd like to tell u what I could do to you.

A guy
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I've been looking for a guy who I met on Gay Chat, his name is Omar. I can't still find him. He's 17 years old. He's pretty cute! If you read this blog, please add me. Or you can inbox me first. Thanks.

First Blog entry
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Still trying to get the damn profile set up. I can't figure out how to load the avatar pic, which sucks. I loaded the profile pic and thought that it would also serve as the avatar. No such luck. oh well....

National Coming Out Day
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As all of you know, coming out to our families is probably the most difficult thing we will ever have to do. October 11 is National Coming Out Day in the US. It is a day those of us that have made the journey with our families, stand ready to hold out our hands in support of those that want to make that journey. I wanted to share two things...the first is the Expedia support for marriage equality video which is the journey of one father and his lesbian daughter . The second is from Andrew Sullivan's blog the Daily Dish, which is his story about his father and his journey: "Who never wavered in his love and support for me from the second I told him I was gay; whose face dropped like an ashen landslide when he discovered I had become HIV-positive; who - a former high school rugby captain, national mid-distance runner, and player on our town's team, a man's man in many ways - has never faltered in defending his son's orientation even to his boss in a small town in a pretty conservative small town. He has been a rock for me on this question my adult life.

I remember a conversation long, long ago, when I was dating someone way out of my league, before I had come out to my folks. My boyfriend, who was older, Californian, and goddamn beautiful, said something to me that never left my consciousness, when I told him I hadn't yet told my folks: "Don't you deserve to have parents?" I said: "I do and they love me." He said "But how can they love you if you will not allow them to see all of you? If they do not know the part that loves another human being, how can they love the full you?" I saw the closet was both a form of self-protection but also something that hurts and wounds a family. The closet denies your family and some of your closest friends the chance to embrace as well as disdain. It is a silent statement that you do not think they can rise to the occasion. In some cases, it can lead to disaster. But in more cases than you'd think, it doesn't. In fact, it is that self-revelation that, in my view, is almost entirely responsible for the shift in attitudes toward gay equality and integration. This was grass roots development that the center had to adjust to; not a crazy idea foisted upon a world unready for it. Watch the honest video above and see how ready many can be.

It's a risk. Integrity is always a social risk. But you only have one life. Why not tell the truth and be set free? Why not give your own parents the chance to love all of you? When you make yourself that vulnerable, there is a kind of freedom in it. And a chance for grace."

For those of you that are ready to make that journey with your family, know that I will stand with you, hold your hand and support you through the journey. Thomas

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Thanks to all u dudes who post the vids! Bruce xo

hot gay xbox gaymers
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hello i am looking to see if there are any hot gaymers out there that would like to meet up and chat on xbox live if there are any hot gaymers on here hit me up

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Yes Yes I am sooooooo Glad to be back!!Ok Ok I have something to share guys!!. As you may know I have given up my vagabond lifestyle. I am going to be a student yes indeed a student. I have signed up to attend Oregon State Universtiy in January!! (Go Beavers! Ye Gods who ever picked a Beaver for a mascott, every time a say that I imagine a giant pussy coming after me Yikes! It would be like Godzilla vs the Hairy Clam from hell) Anyway I digress.

I have decided to buy a house here rathe than stay in student housing. For many reasons. But I can get a lower payment and own it rather than rent it. I wont bore you with the extremely boring financial details but I have discussed it with some I know and trust.

Anyway on the the jucy bits. I met Mark, my realtor. 6 foot 175 delicious pounds. Brown hair and the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. They kind that make you stutter when you look into them and you lose your train of thought. Anyway... I started looking at houses with him just to see what was out there not really paying attention to him.

After the first day of looking at 3 or 4, he got a idea of what I was looking for (in a house guys I still wasnt interested in him nor did I think he was into me) The next day he told me he had appointments so we couldnt meet, ok fine no problem I thought. Then a couple days later we met in the late afternoon and he was loaded with all kinds of fact and figures of why I should buy a house and not rent.

I notices this time he was dresses much differently, No tie but jeans, and a very nice kinda tight shirt showing the nicest biceps I have seen in a looooong time. Instead of sitting across from me he sat next to me and keps close while we went over the paperwork, he smelled great. I swear I was sweatting. I has been a loooooong time since someone had tried to seduce me other than a whip out your cock in a truck stop etc.

Anyway when he got up to get us a refil on our drinks I couldnt help but notice he had the nicest bubble butt..... Tommy I said this is bussiness! But The ole, tommygun was already leaving a wetspot in my jeans.

Mark said he has several places to show me tomorrow evening IF I was willing and they were vacant. He emphasized the word vacant, like three times. So yesterday we met again he looked great, I made sure I wore something very nice but not too nice as well but easy to get off If I read the signs right. No Boots! Deck Shoes Boots are a bitch when its comes to getting nakes fast!

We lookes at the first place and when we got to the master bedroom he started talking about putting a kingsized bed by the window and a chest to hold your lubes and sex toys and somehow my clothes just flew off! Next thing I knew we were on the floor. He had produced a blanket from I know not where and we were tangled up.

I think we must have tried out that bedroom for 3 or 4 hours. He had the best pecs and just a bit of hair right between them and oh my God such strong muscular legs. He rode up and down on my dick for ever. His calves were like steel.

Needless to say I think I am buying the house

My Profile
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I have finally finished my profile, with a little help from my friends. I'm one of those vintage guys on this site, and I appreciate you all. Come visit sometime. I'll be adding more vids and pics as time permits. Come see me.--- Steve

In honor of GLADD Spirit Day: Go Purple on October 19 for #SpiritDay, I have changed by avatar for tomorrow to my hands holding a purple heart...for those today that are subjected to bullying, may it stop..and to those that succumbed to that bullying in their memory...may they not be forgotten Thomas

The fight for the "real me" again
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2 years ago I weighed 260 pounds. I finally decided that I had to do something to make sure that I lived a long and healthy life. In 6 months I went down to 185 pounds. For the first time in my entire life, I actually felt normal. It was wonderful. I looked like the person I always imagined myself to be. It wasn't easy. I drank only water and ate lean cuisines for every single meal. I was motivated and felt accomplished. My family eventually told me to stop because they were afraid that I was losing too much weight too fast. I slowed down and maintained it for a bit and eventually I stopped working out all together. One year later I am now back to 225 pounds. It is embarrassing to lose so much weight and gain it all back so quickly. I lost my motivation and stopped caring about calories and eating the right things. Today I promised myself to begin the first day to the new me. I know this journey is going to be extremely hard for me to go through again but I cannot quit on myself again. Wish me luck =)

Made me chuckle
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Views: 151 · Added: 674 days ago

i have not been on here in a long time i have been on the app gay social but a bloody spammer keeps send one the same thing over and over again

Who is this guy?
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Any information about these videos would be great.
I'm looking for the bottom guy!

Wank before work
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I gotta crank out my 3 day load on here before I go to work today. Anyone else doing the same thing?

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Ya got to wonder why anyone in usa would break the law when yua see where you will end up; this looks realy bad and overcrowded

Views: 151 · Added: 229 days ago

Can anyone tell me why the videos will not work, thanks

Any one in south Texas
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If there is anyone younger than 21 in the Corpus Christi area inbox me

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new to site just wanted to say hi to all

Douches Froides
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What does it take
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Was my profile 2 strong did i offend anybody are there any guys out there who want a piece of ass like me u would think i would get more messages then just 2 how much easier do u need a piece of ass what do i have 2 do?


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