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anybody want to chat
Views: 139 · Added: 768 days ago

I just feeling loney and just would like to know if anyone want to chat with me

Views: 139 · Added: 302 days ago

Why can't delete blog posts n comments?

Hot fun
Views: 139 · Added: 555 days ago

After seeing so many flashjacks on videos I bought my first one... I think my right arm is getting bigger...LOL Anyone got a favorite one or story to tell?

VPN virtual personnal network
Views: 139 · Added: 554 days ago

Do you feel need to use it? If yes, which one do you use and what is your opinion on the service? Thanks

Hey I am new here.
Views: 139 · Added: 465 days ago

I wanna meet some guys. Make relationships. Talk. I have a skype account. I truly dont know how to explore this site. Someone can help me? Thnx

good time
Views: 139 · Added: 983 days ago

any one in southern california specially the inland empire wanna hook up? im a virgin and i wanna experience my first time . so if you are interested contact me so we can have a good time

Hey, Everyone!
Views: 139 · Added: 38 days ago

It has been some time since I've last been on here. You have all missed so much, I can't wait to tell you everything. How's everyone been? I hope great.

No idea how to use this
Views: 139 · Added: 104 days ago

How long does it take for my videos to show up on here? I uploaded 3.

How do I upload more photos? It only allows one profile pic!

And how do I get all the great photos and animated gifs onto my home page?

Is there anyone that is from florida?
Views: 139 · Added: 979 days ago

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone that is from florida? I would like to have a friend to talk too. If interested. send me a message. You all Have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading this

Views: 139 · Added: 446 days ago

for some reason i can`t add a pic,help anyone.

Enemas, suppositories
Views: 138 · Added: 192 days ago

Did any one get these growing up or still do them for medical reasons or for forplay? Would like to hear from guys that got them when they were in high school or college.

dateing a twin
Views: 138 · Added: 433 days ago

im dating a twin! hes 100% gay and his brother is 100%straight they are exactly alike! dress alike do the same sports hair cut the same play the same instruments! they even both play Pokemon at 18! he said he would absolutely never do anything with his brother sexually. (like most i was wondering too :P)

the only way i can tell them apart is facial expression. mine is always excited and happy looking :D and by the way they talk. mine swings his voice a lot when he talks and is higher pitched normally (not the gay lisp)
but if his brother yells.. the more excited he gets the more they sound the same!
this leads to some misleading and confusing moments at times! ...dont wanna lean in and kiss the wrong one!!! lol jk
oh and hes a swimmer... omg amazing body! definitely a huge turn on! :D
so anyone else ever date a twin?

Views: 138 · Added: 1235 days ago

why wont this vid work??????

Views: 138 · Added: 751 days ago

I decided I was going to upload some videos I found online, but from what I read on the disclaimer on this site, it clearly states, you are certifying that the videos belong to you. I don't personally make porn and I don't know anyone that does. From what I see, most of these videos come from some website and I hardly believe all these users claim ownership for these videos/pictures. It seems everyone just uploads what they find, regardless who it belongs to. So that being said, I won't be uploading any videos/pics. I don't want to be violating any copyright laws.

Views: 138 · Added: 727 days ago

Just another of my silly ideas...
How about limiting the number of videos or picture albums each member may attempt to ONE PER 24 HOUR PERIOD? This way, a lot more members would have a chance at getting something posted.
Right now, some people are uploading 5, 10, or more videos in one day...and they are being posted. Same with picture galleries. I'll bet the ones who successfully get 10 videos posted have actually uploaded even more. All of their videos have to be checked, so that leaves a lot less time for any other uploads to be approved.
ALSO, I THINK ANY PERSON WHO UPLOADS UNDERAGE CONTENT SHOULD HAVE THEIR ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY DELETED. No warnings, no second chances, no appeals, If the moderators find any upload to be unlawful, you're JUST GONE!! Once a few accounts are deleted, fewer people will try to get away with any crap, and the moderators will have more time to approve valid uploads.

Uploading videos
Views: 138 · Added: 535 days ago

Every time I upload a Video it sends a message to all those on my friends. Is there a way to stop this or is this the procedure?


FILM....Song for a Raggy Boy
Views: 138 · Added: 686 days ago

I recently watched the film Song for a Raggy's about young boys some with behavioral problems..sent to a residential school in Ireland run by roman catholic priests..a number of the boys suffered both physical and sexual abuse in the hands of the priests.. A most moving and heart rendering film i have seen for some time... It is available to watch in about 10 parts on You-Tube

I apologize for pissing joel off
Views: 138 · Added: 8 days ago

My taint has hurt all day long.

I'm new here
Views: 138 · Added: 642 days ago

Hi I'm new here, I'm 20 and from Northern Ireland, wouldn't mind some action
Views: 138 · Added: 95 days ago

i like this short film

ABUSED--please share.
Views: 138 · Added: 995 days ago

Okay; the purpose of this blog is for this reason: men who have been abused will never tell anyone, and so this will be a way for men to discuss their misfortune and feel intricately better because even though they can discuss it here, they will still remain unanimous--and I believe that this is something that everyone wants.

Studies show that there are many boys who have gotten sexually abused, and boys tend to get abused more than females; and that ones abused don't tell and are willing to keep the secret until death.
How many of you are willing to share if you were abused. If you do, can you share this:
1.) Abused by an unknown person; friend; or family member.
2.) You haven't told anyone and never will.
3.) Received counseling.
4.) Blame yourself.
5.) Believe that this could be the reason of why you love guys.
6.) Despite the incident, you forgave.
7.) You knew that you were the only one; or other boys were involved.
8.) I live in denial--who; what; where; when--what are you talking about...
9.) No need to make anyone else hurt--I'll take it to my grave.
10.) I enjoyed so much the feeling that it wasn't abused at all.
I know this list is long, but it's just as a reference to what happen, if you decide to share. You don;t need to follow the list, but can describe your experience as you feel most comfortable.



Any1 Got any tips
Views: 138 · Added: 714 days ago

Hi Im trying to upload some vids and or pics but cant seem to upload pics. Is there something I need to do so I can?

Views: 138 · Added: 821 days ago

What type of underwear do you own?
What brand do you own?
What color do you own?
What is your favorite type?
What is your favorite brand?
What is your favorite color?
What type do you find sexy/attractive on another guy?

Hello from UK
Views: 138 · Added: 287 days ago

just a friendly 'hi' from UK

Please help
Views: 138 · Added: 711 days ago

I have just uploaded a pic from a video i have seen of these two boys.

I can no longer find it can someone please help?

Please give photo time to show


Any fit Manchester lads?
Views: 138 · Added: 987 days ago

Horny 29 yr old, slim, fit, dirtyminded, love to meet up with other fit lads, watch porn together, into young scally lads, love to share pics n vids.

"Cutest Couple" at the Prom
Views: 138 · Added: 316 days ago

Selected as "Cutest Couple" at the Prom. There is a video with this news article.

Tank top guys
Views: 138 · Added: 119 days ago

Saw a guy in my gym yesterday wearing a really sexy tank top. Very thin straps, showing mots of his pecs, cut at the back - so sexy. He had a good body as well. I like wearing TT's but dont have anything like this - yet.

What clothes turn you guys on?

so my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost a month. what are some non intrusive ways to ask him how far he is comfortable going (making out oral full sex etc). Also i have a roommate at university and he lives off campus. any ideas how or where

Tom Daley 2013 Calendar
Views: 138 · Added: 578 days ago

For those of you gay boys living in the UK, you can order your 2013 Tom Daley calendar.

Hot guys in glasses?
Views: 138 · Added: 38 days ago

Where are the hot, slender smooth boys in glasses? The stats say approx 60% of

Weekend movie night - part I
Views: 137 · Added: 433 days ago

Hey, I've spent some time trying to get to know people around here and have met tons of kool people and have had lots of fun. Was going to try to set up a regular installment of movie threads such as this for the weekends. The intent here is b-rated trash that's funny or stupid, but entertaining, so that when I come to your wall, for example, and joke about Kinky Kelly, you know what the heck I'm talking about *poke Toby*.

In the spirit of Kinky Kelly and Toby, this week the flick is Clerks II, which is a lovely little story about a convenience store operated by two guys trying to get accepted to Harvard's gifted program. Haha, enjoy.

Views: 137 · Added: 1236 days ago

i cant figure out how to do a avatar,someone help please,and if someone cud crop a photo for me so it will fit and send it to me,that wud be cool

Alan willy is a pedophile
Views: 137 · Added: 458 days ago

Views: 137 · Added: 478 days ago

What is your one favorite personal memory of 2012? Mine is getting engaged to my partner!!! Share yours with all of our LGBT friends!!


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