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Hot fun
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After seeing so many flashjacks on videos I bought my first one... I think my right arm is getting bigger...LOL Anyone got a favorite one or story to tell?

Sex Story #3
Views: 173 · Added: 660 days ago for this story I wanted to use a I decided to use Justin Bieber in this fantasty. If you all got a celebrity that you have in mind for my next story, let me know. I will soooo use it in next week's tale. ;) Enjoy.

Justin just got done with his concert for the night. Singing all of the same songs...the same screaming girls clawing at him....Justin needed some relief. He went into his dressing room and locked the door. He saw his best friend sitting there waiting for him...naked. Justin's eyes lit up and took off his shirt. He asked his friend to give him a massage on his shoulders. His friend started there...but then worked his way down to Justin's big cock that was starting to tent up. His friend couldn't take it anymore and Justin let him at it. Justin stripped off completely and his friend sucked him off. Justin felt like he died and went to heaven. Only his friend knew that he was gay and was always there to give him some relief after all of his shows. So after his friend sucked him dry, he licked and played with Justin's balls. Then, Justin decided to eat his friend's ass so that he was ready for Justin's big cock. Boy...did his ass taste soooo good to Justin. With that, Justin decided to play with his friends cock a little. Finally, the time came for Justin to fuck his friend. He didn't hesistate for one moment and fucked his friend bareback. Justin didn't stop at all...he kept going and going. His friend was in complete ectasy as he kept moaning and begging Justin to cum. After what seemed like an eternity, Justin finally shouted out and came inside his friend's ass. His friend jacked his cock off like mad and in a few seconds, splattered his cum all over the sofa. After that, Justin and his friend cuddled up for a while until they knew it was time to go. But that didn't stop them from doing anything in the tour bus....... ;)

WARNING* try this though lol
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I'd like to share another solo time I had being intrepid. I was at work in the Wood Forests driving heavy equipment. I was in this Big forwarder with a cab that look like a giant Dome sitting on top of a tank with rubber wheels. My Job was to pick up the wood ¦b The machine was called a Ponnse Buffalo King. So anyway sun was just going down. getting dark & the machine has the lighting setup like a ball field lol I decided to take a redbull reak. Smoked a CIG turned on the radio to Max-104.9FM Then I hit the lights because you can't really see from outside to inside at night with brights in your eyes. started playing with it when I came I just let it shoot out in the dark. This was my 2nd seasonal of work a few years back. The following morning II could find where it shot so I went fueled up. Park it & got out. Lit a CIG staring at the Buffalo King with a smile

god and being gay
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if god does not like gay guys then why did he put the prostate in the rectum and in the perfect spot to stimulate............

Someone to chat to.
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i am new to GBT, so i would like to find someone to chat to and to really connect with, from my experience so far i have had a lot of people who are between the age of 30 -50 pretended to be younger than they are. I am 18 and looking for someone age 22 or younger. So if you ur looking for someone, please message if u have skype :)
Thank you

The summer blog
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What are you doing in the summer are you off some where where its hot or just staying at home and doing some grilling tell us your dreams and i will tell you mine

Thanks Dudes!
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Thx for responses on Size. Yes, mine is 5" hard and I am proud of it. Long live
sort ones!

Bed time
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Have a quick wank then off to bed 😉 night all 😌

Rating star
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What is rating star for? How can I get increase rating stars? I don't understand.

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who likes DIRTY boyfun? fart, wank-addiction, cheesy dick, etc. i'm 22, looking for guys around my age for chat about this stuff or maybe more.

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why wont this vid work??????

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hi, anyone wanna chat? inbox me or email me -

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help!, help!
can sum1 plz explain y only sum of my writing is showing up on my wall??

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With the heat index above 100, finding I have a short fuse. Can't download yet. Then I see a vid I uploaded two days ago that didn't get posted. And now it is there uploaded by someone else. Making me cranky.

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new to site just wanted to say hi to all

looking for twinks to cam with on skype
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my skype is bret.arter1 add me must be twink or twink type :) i am 22 w/130 so hit me up :)

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Saving Ryan's privates.
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I tried to upload a video of "Get real",(a programme that is humorous, semi-tragic,a must to view),forgive me, I digress.
I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay, and then tried to downloaded from the torrent.
After 77% had ben downloaded, it told me that it could not proceed.
Can one not download from torrents? I think I should be told.

gay saunas
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how manygo to these?? thesr 3 local to me and i visit quite often get a good mix of age tht go have t lounges buffett etc so a good night out normally spices up the weekend to

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AND A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GREETING FROM YOUR LIITLE BRO.IN THE UK..and don't forget to check your hotmail acc.
HUGZZZZ from Russ.

Weekend Guys Party (part 1)
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OK Guys this took awhile but I have Part 1 done. YES I got Hard & Horny writing this just remembering the weekend. Part 2 will be done soon.

YES this is a TRUE Story

If drug use offends you please do NOT read this part!! ~ I engaged in & have in the past but I do NOT engage in drug use on a regular basis.

David: ME - 21, 6'2", 145, Lt. Brn/Bld Hair, Blue Eyes, 29 wasit, smooth, 7 1/2 UnCut
Jimmy: Friend - 18, 6'4", 145, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes, 9"+ (23cm) Uncut Cock, Tall, Slim, Smooth, Uninhibited
Brad: Jimmys Friend - 18, 6', 160, Blnd, Blue Eyes, 30 wasit, smooth, 8 1/2+ UnCut
Steve: Friend - 21, Blonde Hair Blue Eyes, 6ft 4, 8 1/2 Uncut Cock, Hot Bod
Ryan: Friend - 19, 6', 155, Bld Hair, Blue Eyes, 30 wasit, smooth, 8 1/2 UnCut

It was a long weekend but Ryan, Steve and Jimmy were going to come spend the weekend and have one hell of a party. They all got to my place, came in, put things for the weekend away in the bedrooms and we all started chatting.

Jimmy had already talked Ryan & Steve into going to the baths since Jimmy was now old enough to go. I said "Yeah, what the hell" it could be fun since we hadnt been in a long time. I told them I thought we should drink, smoke and other stuff prior to going, this sounded like a plan to everyone so I got the big bottle of vodka out and started mixing us all some drinks. Ryan got out a nice size bag of weed, he always has the best weed, so Steve reached into his bag to get his "Party Bong". When Jimmy saw the bong, weed and me handing out my famous "Strong Ass Drinks" he blurted out "Holy shit, we are gonna party big time" and gulped down about 1/2 his drink at once.

We all knew that Jimmy has done some harder stuff in the past & on special times will enduldge. Ryan looked over at Jimmy with his Serious Stern look and said "Jimmy boy dont over do it this weekend kiddo" it was kinda funny to see Jimmy tilt his head down like his mother just caught him doing things he shouldnt do. Ryan continued "Its cool if ya do your thing but in moderation please" then Jimmy told us "OK I understand, Im gonna Party but wont over do it" I started thinking how Hot it would be for Jimmy to Fuck me again.

After several strong drinks and "Puff Puff" we were starting to feel good, not drunk but just a bit tipsy. Steve said we should head out to the Sauna if we wanted rooms prior to it getting busy after the clubs so we headed out. We decided that Steve & I would get rooms while Ryan & Jimmy got lockers & share the rooms with us. Ryan suggested that he would share with Steve, since he has a thing for him and Jimmy could hang in my room. This was fine with me since I always got mega horned up when Jimmy was around.

We grabed our things, Jimmy & Ryan headed to the lockers to stash there stuff while Steve & I headed to our rooms. I went into my room and put my bag under a small table next to the bed placing a small bottle of lube on the table for quick access. I turned on the TV that had some Hot Porn playing, layed back on the bed & started to rub my chest & Cock some.

There was a knock on my door, it was Jimmy with his friend Brad from University. There was no intruduction just a smile from everyone and my Cock geting hard as I gazed at 2 Studs sporting huge buldges under towels. Out of the blue Jimmys friend said "Hey we should Suck eachother" so I nodded yes and droped my towel. Jimmy & Brad followed and droped towels showing Hard Cocks. We ended up Sucking eachother, swallowed Cum and had a Hot time.

Brad whispered something to Jimmy then they both smiled big. Jimmy turned to me saying "Dave, ya should Suck on my Cock & let Brad Fuck ya" then let out a Ummm sound. We were all kinda fucked up so I looked back at both of them and said "That could be Hot, Ya up for it Brad?" as Brad stroked his chest he said "Yeah, it would be Hot to watch ya Suck Jimmys Cock while I Dick Ya" so I nodded yes. Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed & I leaned over to start Sucking his Cock. Brad reached in Jimmys bag for some lube then after he squirt a big gob on his Cock fingered some in my hole.

I was already Sucking Jimmy when Brad started to slide his Cock in my hole causing me to let out a moan of pleasure. He stoped saying "Ya OK, " so i muttered "Um Huh" then he continued to slide all the way in my hole. Brads Cock felt soooo good deep inside me & I was eagar for him to Fuck me. Jimmy looked at Brad & said "Go ahead Bro, Fuck him" then Brad started sliding in & out of my hole. He started to speed up his thrust & I was now taking Jimmys Cock as far in my mouth as I could. Jimmy moved my hands so I had a good grip on him while Brad grabed my hips tight as I kept deep throating Jimmys Huge Cock. Brad started thrusting his Cock harder making me let out a louder moan so Jimmy said "Yeahh Brad, Fuck Daves hole bro" and Brad got even harder and deeper with his thrust.

Brad started to moan and I could feel drops of sweat fling off of him with every thrust. Brad blurtrd out "Damn I like that ass" so Jimmy looked down at me asking "Ya like Brads Hard Cock dude?" I could barely get out a "YES, Ohhh Fuck me Brad". Brad must have realy been into it since he grabed my hips tighter and started to pump me rough with his Cock. Brad slaped my ass saying "Yeah Take that Cock" then Jimmy looked down at me again saying "Suck my Cock Dave" pushing my head all the way down on his Cock almost choking me. I could taste Jimmys pre-cum as it oozed in my mouth so I knew he would Cum soon. Sweat was driping more off Brad when he began to pound my ass harder with his huge Cock making me want to Cum. Jimmy and I were gonna Cum soon when Brad plundged his Cock real hard in my ass saying "Shit, Im gonna Cum". Just then Jimmy started to fill my mouth with a Huge load of Cum when I felt Brad pull his Cock out shooting Sticky Cum all over my ass & back. The taste of Jimmys Cum & feeling Brads Cum splash everywhere made me bust my load as well. We all finished unloading when Brad panted "Fuck that was Hot we gotta do this again sometime" at the same time Jimmy & I said "Hell Yeah dude" and looked at eachother.

We were all kinda panting but got up, wiped up all the Cum and stroked eachothers chest as we smiled. Brad put his towel back around his waist and told us he was going to shower & hit the steam room then turned and headed out but Jimmy decided to stay, I was fine with that and glad he did. He started to tell me that they met at a University Dorm Party & fooled around several times.

Jimmy & I took a quick shower to wash off the Sweat & Cum but we didnt see Brad around so we went to the Sauna. It was empty and no Brad so we sat down and started to Jerk our Cocks. I could see Jimmy was already Hard again so when he started to rub his chest & nipples I reached over and stroked his Cock. Jimmy whispered "That fels so fucking good Dave" then leaned back as I continued to Jerk his Huge Cock. I wanted him to Fuck me bad but didnt know how long I could take his 9"+ (23cm) Cock. Jimmy knew I wanted him to Fuck me as he stood up and whispered in my ear "I know ya want me to Fuck ya" and had me kneel over the tile seat in the Sauna. He reached in the pocket on his towel and got some lube & squirt out some for his Cock then another & rubed it on my butt. He reached back in the pocket and got a small "Lube Injector" filled with lube. He slid the "Lube Shooter" in my hole & put lube deep inside me.

Just as Jimmy positioned himself with his Cock near my ass we heard the door to the Sauna open then saw Brad walk in. As Brad got closer to us I heard a cocky voice say "Guess who? Its the Bradster" and I couldnt help but chuckle and Jimmy laughed some turning around to look at Brad. Jimmy said "Yo Bro have a seat" tapping on the tiles in front of me. He sat down when Jimmy ask "Ya up to Suck him Dave" & as Brad sat down I told em both "Sure if he is up for it." Brad pulled off his towel saying "Im UP for sure" then grabed my hair to pull me down to his Cock. Jimmy reached his hand out to rub Brads chest saying "you seem kinda High & Horned up Bro" and Brad sported a big mischievous grin and replied "Ummm could be" then rubed his Cock a few times.

Brad reached in his towel pocket pulling out a bottle of poppers handing it to Jimmy. Jimmy took the top off, shoved it under Brads nose so he took a big sniff. The bottle then was under my nose when Brad told me "Take a Big Sniff Davey Boy" so I did then it was over to Jimmy. Brad took the bottle looking at us then said "So Dave ya gonna Suck me while Jimmy Fucks ya" I looked over saying "Works for me guys" then Jimmy said "Damn its gonna be a wild weekend" and we all nodded yes. Jimmy, Brad and I all rubed our Cocks eager to get busy with eachother. Brad put the poppers back under my nose as he told me "Real Big Sniff" so I took a big deep sniff followed by a huge one by Jimmy then Brad then back to me hearing Jimmy say "Come on Dave, take a couple realy big ass sniffs" so I took 3 long huge sniffs. Just as I started to feel a mass rush Brad slamed my head down on his Cock & I felt Jimmy ram his Hard Cock in me almost making me see stars.

I let out a loud moan and Brad said "Yeah Jimmy, Fuck the hell out of him" so Jimmy started pumping me good and hard while Brad kept pushing my head up & down on his Cock. The lube Jimmy put up my ass made it easy for his Huge 9"+ (23cm) Cock to glide in & out without much pain. It felt GREAT with Brads Cock in my mouth and Jimmys Cock pumping me good and Hard. I heard Brad take more huge sniffs then he shoved them under my nose telling me to take more huge sniffs. I did 3 more long sniffs then heard Jimmy do more as well. My body got warm with another rush then I felt Jimmys Cock start to ram harder in my ass and I wanted it bad. They both knew it when I started panting and moaning louder.

Brad decided to give Jimmy more poppers and told him "fill his butt with that Cock Jimmy, Im gonna fill his mouth" so Jimmy grabed me tight as he pounded his Cock Deeper, Harder and Rougher hearing him and Brad breathing heavy and both moaning more. The sounds of thrusting from Jimmys Cock were muffled when he blurted out "Yeahhh take that fucking Cock" realy plowing me hard then "make me Cum" follwed by Brad moaning out "Suck it Dave, swallow my Cock" when he pushed my head down causing his Cock to slide down my throat. I cant explain how fucking great it felt to have Huge Hard Cock filling my Ass & Mouth.

All 3 of us were breathing heavy, panting & moaning loud then Brad said "Im gonna Cum, Swallow it dave" as I tasted his Creamy pre-cum start to coat my throat. Soon Jimmy almost yelled out "Fuck Dave, Im gonna bust" followed by Brads "Fill his hole with Jimmy Juice" excited I moaned out "Uh Huh" and at the same time felt Brad squirt his load in my mouth & throat then Jimmys Hot Cum gushing deep inside me. Both guys pulled out covering my face, ass & back with huge loads of Cum. Brad leaned over and took my Cock in his mouth panting out "Come on dave, feed me your jizz" then I busted a big ass load in his mouth so he swallowed every drop.

We sat there awhile to get some energy back then got up so we could all go shower off again. When done in the shower Jimmy, Brad and I went back to the room where we all colapsed on the bed. We slept for several hours untill Steve & Ryan started knocking on our door to let us know our time was up and we should all head back to the apartment. We all got dressed then headed to the front area to drop off our towels and check out. You could tell Ryan & Steve had also had a wild night and no one said much as we headed home.

We got back to the apartment so I had Jimmy & Brad stay in my room while Steve & Ryan crashed out in the other bedroom. We crashed hard sleeping several more hours until we got up kinda groggy and started out the day.

Part 2 Teaser:

Im not sure how long we slept for but I woke up hearing "Ohhhh thats it, Yeah Fuck me Jimmy" and as I opened my eyes I saw Brad on all fours being Fucked by Jimmy. They must have been going at it awhile since both Brad & Jimmy glistened with drops of sweat on them. I looked up to watch this Hot Sex session & started to stroke my already Hard Cock when Jimmy looking at me and pamted out "I think Brad like having me Fuck his Ass" the only thing I could get out was "Its Hot for sure" then Brad muttered out "Yeah I fuckin Love it Dave, Ya wanna Swallow my Cock Dude" So I wasted no time at all getting in a position to Suck Brads Huge Hard Cock. I took Brads Cock in my mouth & suddenly he cramed it all in my mouth saying "Ohhh Yeah Dave Suck my Cock. Fuck that ass Jimmy, Make me shoot in Daves mouth" Jimmy pounded his Cock in Brads Ass so hard it caused me to gag some on Brads Cock. I could already taste Brads pre-cum in my mouth knowing he would bust soon. Jimmy was pounding his Cock hard as hell in Brads ass when all of a sudden he blurted out "Fuck yeah, tear my ass up, Im gonna Cum" then the biggest load of Cum gushed in my mouth so I swallowed down what I could, pulled my mouth of Brads Cock to have him finish busting his Hot Load all over my face.

< More Coming Soon >

Coincidence ?
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Marriage rulings to be released on 'Lawrence v. Texas' anniversary; Ten years to day!
by Jeremy Hooper
June 26, 2013: We will get our answers on both DOMA and Prop 8.

June 26, 2003: We got our Lawrence V. Texas ruling, which overturned so-called sodomy laws in this nation.


interview for school
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How do I upload some pictures?? There is no button to click... Only videos are available??

Sorry~ guys if I make you so bothered

"Mom, Dad, I'm gay." Rarely are these words met with fanfare and rainbow flags flying, except in the rare instance when your parents already knew and were just waiting for you to admit it.

The more common reactions are fear, disappointment, confusion and outright anger. But the worst is when a parent's first thought is, "how am I going to save my own face once people find out Sally's a butch lesbian?" Seriously? Were Mom and Dad the only ones who didn't notice Sally's flannel shirt, oversized baggy jeans, and biker wallet and think that maybe she wasn't interested in finding Prince Charming?

But a funny thing happens when a child comes out of the closet; his parents walk right into it. The roles are now reversed and the parents are now the ones crying in the closet with the door closed and only dust bunnies and dirty laundry for company. Welcome to the new scary closet of your life Mom and Dad. Trust us, it's no picnic in there, unless you count munching on mothballs and dirty socks an entree.

Nevertheless, we'd like to throw you a life preserver to help you float smoothly out of the closet, if and when you see fit. You see we've learned a few tricks along the way about this coming out thing that will help you.

1 Year Anniversary Today
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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at GBT. Today is my one year Anniversary and had many ups and downs over the last year and every single one of you guys helped me through out it all the good and bad times.

I am glad to talk to all of my good friends and still willing to meet new people. Well just wanted to give everyone here a big hug and will enjoy talking to everyone for years to come.

It's A Jordanism!
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There I was, trying out the Google Hangouts thing

Views: 172 · Added: 501 days ago

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I've had a pretty good week which has been hard to come by lately. What about you guys?

Manchester lads
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Horny 29 yr old, slim, fit, dirtyminded, love to meet up with other fit lads, watch porn together, into young scally lads, love to share pics n vids.

Any slim fit lads up for a meet who can accom?

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This blog is to host STORIES.
Want to share a part of your youth or a hot encounter or... ?
Post it on this blog. It won't overload the main blog page and still be open to be read by all of us.

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Views: 172 · Added: 532 days ago


I just edited my new profile, so I just wonder if you're satisfied with my new profile. Do I need to edit more?

Happy 4 th of July
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american flag

Views: 172 · Added: 59 days ago

2012 Coachella Music And Arts Festival
Views: 172 · Added: 979 days ago

Here is the link for the live feed for the festival going on over the next three days (April 13-15) in Indio,California. This is one of the biggest festivals of it's kind in the world, and is something to behold if you ever have attended it- but here is the next best thing-


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