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Any one in south Texas
Views: 160 · Added: 1222 days ago

If there is anyone younger than 21 in the Corpus Christi area inbox me

How i feel now!!
Views: 160 · Added: 725 days ago

last couple of weeks have been stressful and hard with stuff that has happen i just dont know what the hell i want anymore i feel like im just goin deep into a hole and i cant get out and feel i never goin get out of it :(:(:(

Need A Pen?
Views: 160 · Added: 159 days ago
Saving Ryan's privates.
Views: 160 · Added: 879 days ago

I tried to upload a video of "Get real",(a programme that is humorous, semi-tragic,a must to view),forgive me, I digress.
I downloaded it from the Pirate Bay, and then tried to downloaded from the torrent.
After 77% had ben downloaded, it told me that it could not proceed.
Can one not download from torrents? I think I should be told.

Views: 160 · Added: 900 days ago

hey any one living in Nottingham? just looking for some people in nottingham to chat with and maybe meet up

Blow Me...
Views: 160 · Added: 604 days ago

One Last Kiss. I have listened to this song so many times already that this is on the top of my playlist. I feel that no matter what happens...relationships or not, this is the perfect song to cheer your day up. Other than that, classes got cancelled today and the school is closed...while my job didn't tell me that I didn't need to go to work...what a cold trip to take. But, I am enjoying my day inside my room...warm and toasty XD. Ok....gotta do some homework. Oh...if you want me to share some of my hot sex stories...let me know. ;)

Updated Profile - Check it out!
Views: 160 · Added: 762 days ago

Put in a few more hours of making the profile page a bit more interesting and diverse of information for as many of you as possible. If there are any suggestions you would like to see on the page (or off), let me know! :) I also added a few polls, so make sure to give them a vote; otherwise, enjoy the rest of the page. Thanx!

<3 Drew <3

Views: 160 · Added: 956 days ago


I love cut cock. If you're cut, please add me eric46savage. I need more guys. However, I can still accept if you're uncut. Don't worry.

Hey guys ;D
Views: 160 · Added: 842 days ago

Anyone interested in chatting or C2C? Message me! ;D

Celebs in Town
Views: 160 · Added: 752 days ago

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their 6 children have rented a house for a holiday (vacation) on the lake road... Windermere..Cumbria..UK..just a short drive from the hotel where i work..they may just call in for coffee one day who know's...

Views: 160 · Added: 981 days ago


I wonder what do you love about guys? What kind of guys do you love the most? What do you love about guys' appearance? For me, I always love guys who remind me of myself and look simply like me. I must see guys as reminding me of myself.

Fun with Food...
Views: 160 · Added: 10 days ago

Hey I had a fantasy last night that I was with my boyfriend having fun, as you do.

just to to paint a picture, he is a half Japanese, half Malaysian, not an ounce of fat on him. Reasonably toned muscles and dark skin. Nick 6 inch cut cock, smooth hairless body.

Anyway, in my fantasy I put some Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) on his cock and balls. Then nibbled and licked and sucked it of slowly till he came hard and hot.

i definitely plan to try it out for real this weekend.

Have you done this or something similar?

Can you recommend some other food to have fun with?

John xx

GBT outtage on June 29. What happened?
Views: 160 · Added: 83 days ago

Anybody know what happened to the site last night? It didn't load for hours. I missed it :-(. I had to resort to other means, it just wasn't the same...

The Westboro Church......
Views: 160 · Added: 415 days ago

I Hate Them They're Asshole And Nonetheless Of Hateful And Belligerent Idiots Who's Believes Are Stupid And Just Plain Cruel And Uncalled For They Go Around Bashing Gays And Gay Supporters Which Is Just Plain Wrong They Have No Right Too Do What They Do They Have No Right Too Judge People Based Purely Off That Persons Sexual Preference Its Wrong And Cruel And Too Be Quite Frank They Need Too Be Shot On Spot!! Any Thoughts Or Opinions On What I Just Said Or Of The Westboro Church Please Leave Your Thought And Opinions Below :) Thank You

Hi everyone
Views: 160 · Added: 653 days ago

I am here and I love you all. I want to thank everyone for all your kindness and prayers. I have never in my life had so many friends that cared about me without wanting me to blow them or bend over. It means so much to me. I cried so much when I read Thomas' (Dad's) blog. I cant tell you how I feel right now except to say I love you all. When I am feeling better I have something special to share

Love Alan

National Suicide Prevention Month is here!
Views: 160 · Added: 743 days ago

and with it a newly funded program and site from trevorproject. i uploaded the video (has yet to clear) but you can see it at the new TalkToMe site that is at

please all lets join in together on trevor day, september 27, 2012 and stand up together to reach out to others and make all to know that their life is precious and nobody need feel alone to the point of taking their own life!

please take just a few minutes to visit the site and join me in taking the pledge and participating in other ways that show on the new site.

i thank my many good friends here who help me recover from that sad time in my life when i make the most foolish mistake ever! ya i just break me ankle and foot, but im glad i was alive to do it and even more happy i live to learn 'fly like a bird' even though i have a bad crash landing!

if you think you dont belong, dont matter, dont deserve love, dont want to live then all i want to do is encourage you to get help! it can get better for you if you choose life :)

so if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call The Trevor Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386

Views: 160 · Added: 832 days ago

I don't get this anymore.....wether theres a gang of convicts all around me or just a bunch of dumb fuckin fat CUNTS that just won't get a fuckin clue. Frankly it feela like I'm being annoyed by convicts or robbers. Alien in other words... Illegal aliens not space aliens. I feel INTIMIDATED all over ANY social media including this one. Which is why I slip out and speak vulgarly. Vulgar displayed language is just my way of expressing me true thoughts to free my hate. I APOLOGIZE to any if it's "offensive" to you. But to whomever is the perpetrators I feel intimadated by.......I end this world. So fuck off and LEAVE ME ALONE. I DIE I'M TAKING THE WHOLE GALAXY AND ALL LIFE IN IT. xox

A good kicking
Views: 160 · Added: 892 days ago

I remember one time long ago, I was 19 and was walking home from a nightclub with a friend. (In the UK the legal drinking age is 18). It was about 1am and my friend Gary and I were both rather drunk. We were half way home and stopped for a piss and ended up snogging and groping each other in a shop doorway. We were so much in to each other we never heard the 3 guys walking down the street toward us.

The 3 lads came upon us in the doorway. I was on my knees giving Gary a blowjob. The hail of fists and boots came in and knocked me to the ground. Gary was lucky because he was standing up, but I was the easier target. Gary ran off, ( I can't blame him really) and I was left to take the beating.

I managed to get to my feet and let fly with my fists and feet also. Because the 3 lads and myself were drunk few of the punches or kicks hit their target and little damage was really done.

When I caught up with Gary we had a laugh and we counted ourselves lucky. I got off with a bloody nose and cut lip, some slight bruising but thats all.

I wonder if anything like this has ever happened to any of you guys?

start to my new life
Views: 160 · Added: 506 days ago

i have srarted a new facebook and i'm going to make better friends so feel free to add me search for my email on facebook it's please only people who talk clean on facebook walls because family still thinks i'm not gay

Thanks to my new friends
Views: 160 · Added: 826 days ago

Thanks for sharing vids and pics. All new friends are welcome and any from the Michigan area please let me know. Have a great day and GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.

Views: 160 · Added: 1000 days ago

Hey, I am looking for someone to chat to preferably some one aged 18 or younger or even up to 20, but i just want someone to chat my own age if u want to chat message me or add me on skype quaide123

Views: 160 · Added: 1186 days ago

Any one really horny right now? Let chat! I want you your hot bod.

Like i mean, If theres videos of lads pissing on each other on dis....Then u must be aload talk about anything LOL

hey Guys anyone wanna cam with me?
Views: 159 · Added: 350 days ago

let me no if anyone wants to cam with me looking for around 18 to 23 of age ty...:)

Views: 159 · Added: 854 days ago

Hey, wondering if there are any guys on here from either the Oxford or norwich area? Just out to chat and meet new people, my age please! Give me a message or comment on the post :)

does anyone want me????
Views: 159 · Added: 1177 days ago

Hi baby!

I really need you right now. I need you to full my every desire. I want your cock to be in me and to fuck me so hard that I scream in passion. I want you to kiss me gently, soft and warm. Ask me to suck on your cock and eat the cum of it. Cum on me baby, have your smooth hot bod, press agaisnt mine. Can you do this for me? Don't you want to talk to me? mmmmm.... yes baby... let me make you hard right now! write to me baby soon. I will be waiting for you.

Views: 159 · Added: 732 days ago

There are some great people on this site, and that's why I stay. As far as the videos are concerned, I'm sure there are some good ones, and I occasionally am able to watch without interruption. The majority of the time when I try to watch a video it is constantly buffering, pausing, and sometimes even just coming to a halt, frozen on the screen. Are any of you having the same problems, or do I just bhave a crappy DSL connection? Any suggestions appreciated. I might add when I download a video a viewing site, it takes twice as long as the original, and I'm not willing to to that unless I'm really hot to see a video.

new video
Views: 159 · Added: 695 days ago

like to see new vintage video and rest from I DO even some new video would be nice

UPLOADING VID waiting time
Views: 159 · Added: 554 days ago

What is usual time for vids to appear? How long will it take for uploaded vids to appear? Messages have been sent to my subscribers two days ago, but nothing shows yet. Just curious to know if this is usually how long it takes for my vid to be available to my subscribers.

Views: 159 · Added: 806 days ago

Views: 159 · Added: 693 days ago

Do you own yr own house or rent? what do you think is best with the probs the last few years?

How long have yu lived in your current house? i have lived in my house my entire life hahaha!

Views: 159 · Added: 806 days ago

Anyone else here like the feeling of being sweaty like I do? I find it erotic and somewhat of an aphrodisiac. And it's nice seeing a guy shirtless and moist with sweat. I wish I had my own sauna or steam room.

Download Issue
Views: 159 · Added: 454 days ago

I found a work around to the current download issue. If you left click on the download icon and pick open in a new tab, you can then follow the instructions to download the video in the new tab. I didn't try it on adding a favorite but it may work as well.


Photo comments
Views: 159 · Added: 1210 days ago

I've commented on several photos recently and none have posted.

A guy
Views: 159 · Added: 955 days ago


I've been looking for a guy who I met on Gay Chat, his name is Omar. I can't still find him. He's 17 years old. He's pretty cute! If you read this blog, please add me. Or you can inbox me first. Thanks.


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