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What Is Your Favourite Hitchcock Movie?
Views: 207 · Added: 297 days ago

I have always been a great fan of Hitchcock movies; which one is your favourite?

Views: 207 · Added: 95 days ago

Fixed Errors
Views: 207 · Added: 1486 days ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that some of the errors are now fixed that should include, Favorites, and Friends. We are working on all the others as well, and will have another update in just a few hours. I really do appreciate everyone talking the time to spot and inform us about the problmes. Thax guys

Views: 207 · Added: 623 days ago

any plans for this year guys, or you just having a wonderful time at home.
Do you like sun or walking or hiking or laying at the pool soaking up the suns rays or eyeing up the eye candy or going to europe or getting rid of pesky wabbits, lol

vids STILL not working
Views: 207 · Added: 1492 days ago

update say's video's working now. still won't play for me, keep stopping & starting

Guess the song :)
Views: 207 · Added: 915 days ago

'Rised up this morning'

I still have the trouble.
Views: 207 · Added: 1490 days ago

I'm still having trouble with this Site (Gayboystube)
And I am getting frustrated..

invite in the beach
Views: 207 · Added: 978 days ago

Seeking young boy or young gay couple to be invited during my vacation in August in Italy in my beach house. of course I pay all

Views: 207 · Added: 1226 days ago

I really want to give me a dildo, but I never bought that you advise me?

its my bday !
Views: 207 · Added: 1103 days ago

lets cam ill be in my birthday suit<3 skype me! mikemikenj

Twink Rode Hard And Left Wanting More
Views: 207 · Added: 1086 days ago

this is the title of my favorite video on the site. how big is the top's dick both hard and shows it both ways in the video. curious because mine doesn't seem as big soft but mine is at least as big hard. so what do y'all think his measurement is soft and hard? thanks

Spa/ Bathhouse
Views: 207 · Added: 333 days ago

Has anyone ever been to a gay Spa or bathhouse? I find the idea of being naked around other men to be quite exciting! I would like a body scrub... only worry is I might have a boner during the entire time :0

Views: 206 · Added: 1479 days ago

i just wanted to let you know the favourite button wont work

Sadly Missed
Views: 206 · Added: 939 days ago

RIP... Robin Gibbs of the BEE-GEES who died on Sunday 20th May aged 63.

Accounts - Moderator Needed
Views: 206 · Added: 649 days ago

Hey, does this site have a moderator? If so, I need to speak to them. This is a temp account because I couldn't log in to my other one. (bonkers2376) For some reason, my password doesn't work. All I need is my password reset. I have emailed a number of times and even clicked the "forgot password" I don't know how many times. This site seriously needs to think of a better way to respond to peoples request.

have you
Views: 206 · Added: 1022 days ago

Have you ever got caught masturbating?

Being depressed
Views: 206 · Added: 6 days ago

I get so depressed around this time of year. And then I have to deal with friends who abandon me and coworkers who treat me like dirt. Some people are plain mean. Sigh.

hidden cameras?
Views: 206 · Added: 936 days ago

would porn be free if you had hidden cameras on you?

Where'd they go?
Views: 206 · Added: 1020 days ago

Well, it seems that 2-4 pages of "favorite" photos have disappeared from my profile. Hmm. Now and then I see where there are "drops", if not outright inability to post, on this website. I won't ever "get" it, but thought I'd say what's happened anyway.

College Guys
Views: 206 · Added: 853 days ago

What are you guys majoring in? Why and did you make that choice? I currently just finished my first year of college and I just can't wait until I graduate as an engineer. At first I wanted to be an architect, but down the line I've changed my major. I wanted first to be a civil engineer, you know, designing bridges, molding our infrastructure, make traffic flow smoothly, but when I saw the Mars' Curiusity land, I got the chills and inspiration to be mechanical engineer. I want to build, or be a part of, something that would benefit human kind.

my apology
Views: 206 · Added: 852 days ago

I sincerely wish to apologize for my actions the otherday. As many of you long time mambers know I was poisioned several years ago and that left me in a wheelchair. Well several weeks ago I passed out from lack of oxygen and spent a week in the hospital. Last week I met with my doctor and was given the results of the tests. It turns out that I had a small stroke, and due to my condition I will keep having them now till I have one big one and that will be the end. I was just really pissy at everything and when I saw the blog about someone critizing my comment from days earlier I just lashed out. I am truly sorry I was just mad. Looks like I will be looking into Hospice care so I dont know if I will be online any more or not. I wish you all well.

Views: 206 · Added: 1097 days ago

If You Have A Big Dick Message Me Now!!!

Views: 206 · Added: 1111 days ago

walmart in hooksett nh does not like women work there.

Views: 206 · Added: 1281 days ago

Like my cum?

Detroit area
Views: 206 · Added: 1186 days ago

Hi guys - great site - just wondering if there are any USA guys from the Detroit area?

Hello & good morning Gay-World & much more...

Really nice the new DOWNLOAD-possiBility & it´s very fast - for example for nearly 30min-vid the download needed only less than 2 minutes!!! (very hot my first now the Asia-Teens puBlic group-sex with facials cumshots & fucking in a real train in the day - funny that this vid is named `sex in Bus´ - but in anyway a must for downloading !!!

GBT is changing from Better to Better - much more colours & also now the `moBile-function´...May be it´s also now the right time for the function `Groups´ especially for the more active & creative user of our community...The Blogs belonging fast to the past & the walls could just be walls (often the text to the walls don´t get transported complete...)

Nick - you know that GBT is living through the activity of the users - not only uploading pics & vids!Groups-Function would be a Bigger step to more community...

Best Grets : BaBe ;-)-

Dutch Catholics leave the Church
Views: 206 · Added: 708 days ago

Thousands of Dutch Catholics are researching how they can leave the church in protest at its opposition to gay marriage, according to the creator of a website aimed at helping them find the information.

Tom Roes, whose website allows people to download the documents needed to leave the church, said traffic on had soared from about 10 visits a day to more than 10,000 after Pope Benedict's latest denunciation of gay marriage.

"Of course it's not possible to be 'de-baptised' because a baptism is an event, but this way people can unsubscribe or de-register themselves as Catholics," Roes told Reuters.

He said he did not know how many visitors to the site actually go ahead and leave the church.

About 28 per cent of the population in the Netherlands is Catholic and 18 per cent is Protestant, while a much larger proportion - roughly 44 per cent - is not religious, according to official statistics.

The country is famous for its liberal attitudes, for example to drugs and prostitution, and in April 2001 it was the first in the world to legalise same-sex marriages.

In a Christmas address to Vatican officials, the pope signaled the he was ready to forge alliances with other religions against gay marriage, saying the family was threatened "to its foundations" by attempts to change its "true structure".

Roes, a television director, said he left the church and set up his website partly because he was angry about the way the church downplayed or covered-up sexual abuse in Catholic orphanages, boarding schools and seminaries.

A report by an independent commission published a year ago said there had been tens of thousands of victims of child sexual abuse in the Netherlands since 1945 and criticized the church's culture of silence.

Ad Feedback

- Reuters

Views: 206 · Added: 1494 days ago

The site is not up to snuff yet. Friends, my wall, and most videos are not accessible, while some videos play and stop, play and stop. I look forward to the finished, modernized site when it is up and running. In the meanwhile....

Views: 206 · Added: 305 days ago

this weekend i'm reminded of the great scent of a man. i would say every guy has a scent all his own. there is a difference between scent and smell. scent is the magic aroma that yu know is him, you could find him in a crowd of naked guys on a beach. it can be manly, sexy, arousing, kinda raw, whatever. i crave my guy's scent. all the time, but even more right out of the shower. it can be a huge turn on. licking and kissing have never been so fun!

Views: 206 · Added: 1063 days ago

It seems I'm banned from uploading any vids now even though the boys are clearly legal.
Sorry guys :(

Views: 206 · Added: 793 days ago

i let my family use my computer sometime and i pretty sure that most of them ran across this site with me being logged in still and i think i secretly wish that they would see that im bisexual and ask me about it. Is that weird?

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend.
Views: 206 · Added: 654 days ago

Stop having set “qualifications” for a boyfriend. Being a lover is not a fucking job, and you’re not hiring a fucking employee. and yes, they will make mistakes. Yes, they will be different from what you expected. They’re human, and they have no fucking clue what they’re doing. But they love you, and they love every minute of you. So please, give them a chance.

Self Suckers
Views: 206 · Added: 979 days ago

From the time I was about 14 to like 18 I was able to suck myself off and go all the way down to my balls. I did so by laying on my shoulders and a few times sitting, but joining the army didn’t offer much private time for that, so I lost the limberness.
How long were you able to self suck? Do you still do it?

(rest of questions in comments)

1. Are looks important in a relationship?
2. Are relationships ever worth it?
3. Are you a virgin?
4. Are you in a relationship?
5. Are you in love?
6. Are you single this year?
7. Can you commit to one person?
8. Describe your crush
9. Describe your perfect mate
10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
11. Do you ever want to get married?
12. Do you forgive betrayal?
13. Do you get jealous easily?
14. Do you have a crush on anyone?
15. Do you have any piercings?
16. Do you have any tattoos?
17. Do you like kissing in public?
20. Do you shower every day?

Views: 205 · Added: 1267 days ago

who likes sniffing smelly shoes, socks, boyfeet? or anyone who likes farting and/or smegma under foreskin/unwashed dick? or dirty underwear?
i know i'm a "bit" naughty and dirty xD ...but i just like it and dont care what others say.
so i'm 22 and would really love to chat with guys around my age with the same ineterests! :P


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