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Who do you want for Christmas?
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I want Evan Peters

How is your penile projection?!
Views: 203 · Added: 198 days ago

How is your penile projection?

Wat happened to all of the great story's????? ;(
Views: 203 · Added: 994 days ago

Where did all of these awesome story's that were osted on here??? I miss them ;(

Views: 203 · Added: 991 days ago

messege me with your skype name and stats and i will add u on skype i am 21 weigh 130 i am a bottom horny would like to skype hope u message me your skype name no one over 25 thanks

What gets posted
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Sometimes I upload a few vids and not one gets posted. Couple of days or weeks later someone else gets the same vids posted. Obviously there's reasons why some stuff won't be posted as its not accepted or has just been posted and is commonplace. But many times there seems no reason, you upload original twink stuff thats OK with the rules and its still declined. Two of my friends I subscribed to were posting about 4vids everyday and getting nothing posted, now they deleted their profiles and left after 80+ days cos they got fed up. I wrote to Nick asking about this as I think its too disheartening to get nothing posted at all when there is no problem with the material. Who are the moderators are they users? Are there guidelines like no more than 10 posts per hour? I just think whats the point finding good stuff or editing and fixing vids and original material if nothing will get posted at all? Don't get me wrong I have tried to support the site and appreciate the effort that goes into it, but i want to know how this works?

Profile Picture
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I'm still struggling with upload my profile picture. I want to put a picture on my profile, but I don't know how. Can you please help me? Thanks. :)

Views: 203 · Added: 56 days ago

A few days ago my house mate lied to me saying he didn't have any weed in the house
now i don't care if he smokes it but one of the house rules is no drugs in the house ever
What should i do

Watch my new vid
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;) xx

Sexy Actors
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There are loads of sexy actors out there but which ones would you want to have sex with? My first choice used to be zack Efron, or Robert Pattinson. But recently i have been more turned on by Mark Harmon (Gibbs from NCIS) and George Clooney. There is just something so sexy about them. What do you guys think?

live cam chat
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live cam chat activated :)

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walmart in hooksett nh does not like women work there.

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I would like to pay a, Tribute to Good friends and the Joy ,that they bring into our Lives.Good Friends are there when we need them and they love us with all their Heart .I love my friends and the Help that they have, given me, when i needed it.
Do you feel the same way?

I Am Here
© Joseph Boris
If you need a laugh, I am here.
If you need a hug, I am here.
If you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here.
If you need someone to support you, I am here.
If you need to feel cared for, I am here.
If you need someone to listen, I am here.
If you need to hear that someone loves you, I am here.
If you need to feel wanted, I am here.
If you need to talk, I am here.
If you need a friend, I am here.

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It seems I'm banned from uploading any vids now even though the boys are clearly legal.
Sorry guys :(

my thought on driving
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please see 1st post...

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i let my family use my computer sometime and i pretty sure that most of them ran across this site with me being logged in still and i think i secretly wish that they would see that im bisexual and ask me about it. Is that weird?

Can anyone help me?
Views: 203 · Added: 1063 days ago

I'm not having any luck attempting to download and save videos from this site. They start downloading but stop.

Views: 203 · Added: 767 days ago

any one having problems to get video's to play I am just get a black screen, and the once that will play but only once then nothing, then it is back to a black screen.???

Views: 203 · Added: 950 days ago

HA even my recycled pictures from this site didn't even make it on my newest album.NO MORE THATS IT, if pictures i post that i have dl don't even make then why get frustrated trying to post!!!!!

Need advice
Views: 203 · Added: 33 days ago

I lost my two best friends and only friends a few years ago to me being gay, so I want friends--although I may not admit it. I convinced myself after a time that I didn't need friends because: (a) I'm gay, and people don't like what they don't understand, and look at the people who still don't accept us as a community; (b) I have trouble being a friend, which is what my family therapist said to me years ago; and (c) I may have Asberger's, which is what my phsycologist said to me when I was recently out of college around 2008.

It's hard, though, not to want to have friendships--especially from some (guy) I perceive as attractive and popular. Often, it doesn't go well, and I end up looking like a fool. At my job before my recent one, I met such a guy who was like "seeing the face of God" for me he was so handsome. I immediately or soon thereafter friended him on Facebook. Our boss asked me to help some co-workers before going home for the night, which he did for me even though he was in the same room and heard the exact same request. I promptly unfriended him on Facebook to show him how mad I was. I think he noticed, talked to me, and then we were Facebook friends again. I knew that he liked and made dubstep music, so I found out everything I could about it--really just odd facts about artists to get him into making it more. Well, the end result was that he said I was smothering him. We were something of frenemies, according to him. At one point, he wanted to stay away (he also accused me of stalking him online) but I said I didn't want that. I told him I probably had Asberger's, I guess as a way to explain my odd behavior so he might stay--although I didn't explicitly say that was the reason I told him I probably had AS. I also told him I was gay, but not only him. To make him comfortable, I told some co-workers when we were sharing secrets on break. Of course, all this blew up in my face when we had a fight at work. It was really intense, filled with anger and sadness like two lovers having a quarrel. He thought I had a crush on him. But he still said to friend him on Facebook, even if he was only trying to be nice. I had since unfriended him again after one of our spats, but, when I was between jobs, I friended him again, and he accepted.

At my new job, I met another such guy (why do they have to follow me everywhere?). He's 18. The other guy was 19, but I find it surprising each time how more seemingly mature they are than me. My mother told me this job was a way to start over, and that I should focus on the job andlet friendship's develop naturally. I normally work with him, so I got to know hi and his buddies. I rapped for him and sat at lunch with him, talking to him and making him laugh. After a long time--longer than at my other job--I finally friended him, along with a few other co-wrokers so it wouldn't seem so awkward. We had received new work uniforms, and, sometime after we got them, I overheard said guy said he wished he could go shirtless under the vest (and the person he was walking with said, "That's so gay."). Then, in response to me saying the same thing, one of his buddies smirked and said that everybody desn't wear an undershirt under their vest anyway. We, of course, have to wear work shirts under the vest (which is what he meant and I obviously didn't pick up on. Shortly thereafter, one of my facebook friends (who wasn't said 18-year-old guy's facebook friend, but was someone we both had worked with once) posted exactly what said guy and I were talking about--only he had the vest zipped up. I shared the pic, and said guy liked it. Needless to say, that prompted me to post six pictures of myself--only I unzipped my vest so you could see my hair and belly button and, on the last photo, nipples. I was not only trying to be funny, but also cool and tough. I also wore sunglasses for my photos and was in an "I want YOU" pose for one. FACEBOOK IS AND NEVER HAS BEEN MY FRIEND; NOTHING GOOD COMES OF IT. The day after, I was fine until said guy accused me of sexual harrassment (which made me less want to talk to him). I explained to him that that wasn't my intention as well as the reasons behind the photos and how I wanted to be perceived (primarily as funny; I left out the cool and tough parts because I thought no one would believe that. I hoped, though, that said guy got the vibe because I told him I thought that's what Army guys (He was in the National Gaurd) liked and that it was a guy thing. The first night or so after, when I obviously had my head down in embarrassment (which I indicated verbally after his harrassment comment) and dejection once I spotted him, he put his hands on my shoulders and said "Ke-VIIIN" in the tough way he always says it. That didn't change. He still talks to me and sat with me once so far at lunch, but I don't feel the same closenes I once did with him. One time, as if in sympathy, he tapped his knuckle on my spine as he went behind me without looking at me--kind of wierd for a sexual harrassment accuser. I didn't lose my job, thank god. Indeed, I sent the pictures to people I thought would be cool with it--more than hiim. I even received some positive feedback from the OP that prompted my photos and another Facebook friend. When said guy and his friends wanted me to remove my pictures as soon as I got home, I thought that I needed to show my sincerity in not posting again and so I unfriended them permanently. I want to be friends, but I'm not sure how he (and his buddies) feel about me now. I have even been called "wierd" in jest by them, so I don't know if they know I'm gay or not. Also, when he saw me after the incident, he said, "Are you still here? Good." I guess at this point I should mention that I told everyone, which is how I really feel, when prompted that I often don't feel good about myself, so maybe he was respondng to that. I also said that I was glad he was at work as well. One night, he even said I deserved a promotion, but then asked me where (what location)

Page edits
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How do I get myself one of them fancy pages I notice loads of other guys have?

i got a question
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i got a friend request with no name on it. i guess thay deleted there account? anyway i tried to decline it then i tried to delete it and it just stays there, cant get rid of it. is that just a glitch or what? its not realy a problem but it bugs the crap out of me! HELP!

Video now act like teasers.
Views: 202 · Added: 1454 days ago

Video now act like teasers; you can't enlarge pictures or fast forward. Change it back

Accounts - Moderator Needed
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Hey, does this site have a moderator? If so, I need to speak to them. This is a temp account because I couldn't log in to my other one. (bonkers2376) For some reason, my password doesn't work. All I need is my password reset. I have emailed a number of times and even clicked the "forgot password" I don't know how many times. This site seriously needs to think of a better way to respond to peoples request.

Mosquito stung
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I was asked to do the yard, and I have to wait almost for sunset due to my milk-like fair skin.

Wachting pics
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again this error:frankys > suck me



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i am new here need friends

No matter if it's Christmas or....them other ones....what will you get for the person you love the most?

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Adding to Skype / MSN / Yahoo
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Can someone please tell me as I am a bit confused!!! people ask for our e-mail addresses so that they can add us as friends, but when they are added they don't come on. I for instance have been on after 9pm on Mon/Weds and nearly all day the rest of the time, is it that they just want to add us so that their friends list are bigger than their friends list. What do others think?

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Hi my beautiful gay brothers. I got this thing for interracial sex. I wanna do it, but it seems you westerners only send your "ugliest" dudes in Cameroon. And I'm not that desperate. Anyway, what I wanna know is if any of you lucky devils have interracial sex, or form an interracial couple with your bf.

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add me oimupset, im a sexy blonde, looking 4 fun, dont worry im not some fat creeeper

Send links to the best young cute teen boy videos

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What the fuck? I can't upload more pictures. What should I do?


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