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Nick Mass deleting of Emails
Views: 510 · Added: 821 days ago

Nick do you know of any way for me to mass delete Emails ? I have a crazy amount of Emails . It is at the point now that the numbers are filling most of the screen. The only way i know is to delete one at a time. That would take days dude. :( Any ideas you might have would be chill :) Ruslan

Is there a secret word to say to pick up a guy?
Views: 484 · Added: 373 days ago

I feel like it not easy to pick up a hot dude! I'm so want a hot guy to play with!! I'm tired of this games that young guys do on line.. I tried hot pic and i do have lots of hot underwear to wear. I kinda giving up.. So any help with me with a line of words to say? or better words.

feel sooo down right now :(
Views: 365 · Added: 594 days ago

i just feel so down,depressed and lonely and i dont know why, maybe its becoz im fed up of my life atm and nothing is going right :(:(

Friday !!!!
Views: 197 · Added: 294 days ago

Thanks fuck its friday lol. we just live for weekends. Finish at 3 today then the weekend starts here. YAY !!!!!

anyone doing anything fab this weekend?


need some advice
Views: 333 · Added: 529 days ago

so a couple days ago a close friend of mine came out to me on facebook. i had no idea he was also gay. i have never had any romantic thoughts towards him before, mostly because i was sure he was straight and didn't want to hurt our friendship. but tonight he sent me another message, saying that he has feelings for me. now i am confused i'm still not sure if i have romantic feelings towards him, but we have been friends for over 9 years now and i can't think of anyone that i am closer to. i don't want to risk a great friendship but i also don't know if i want to close any romantic doors with him. can anyone offer some advice here?

If you dont go out and VOTE tomorrow then I dont want to ever hear you piss and moan about the way things are. This is your chance to have a say in how our country is run. This is your right as a citizen! This is what the soldiers of our armed forces have lived and died for. APATHY is no excuse, GO OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW! ( and thats my soapbox for today now show my some porn)

It's so nice being wanted...from lakescruiser
Views: 211 · Added: 468 days ago

due to nuwmerous requests from my many fiends not to leave...that's why i am still here..for a short time anyway...

Views: 317 · Added: 737 days ago

After couple of successful days of uploading videos now you have new (?) problem: After uploading video (again over 1 hour to upload) appears UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL but... it's released WITHOUT MY NAME, from ANONYMOUS!!! Same problem before many times. When you fix this??? This is so 2 videos in 1 day. thanks!

draggin the little man back
Views: 189 · Added: 58 days ago

see 1st earth

now hear this
Views: 190 · Added: 143 days ago

everybodys privileges are suspended until morale improves...

house boys
Views: 375 · Added: 555 days ago

so wondering what everybodys opion is on house boys. u know the ones that sit at home and spend ur money and then spend all day on the computer probaly playing around and looking 4 something better lol. or just someone to play with while the person that is paying the bills is hard at work. i mean wouldn't u want a guy in ur life that wants to work as hard as u do? anyway just wondering what u guys think.

Enough is Enough
Views: 223 · Added: 93 days ago

Today is a sad day in the Cleveland community.

Views: 4260 · Added: 999 days ago

anybody like sexting and or phone sex if so whats ur number?

Pics: Naked or Clothed?
Views: 687 · Added: 784 days ago

Hey all,

Today I was looking through all the pics on here that I've "Favourited" and something occured to me... very few, if any, of the pics I like are naked/nude pics... and it got me to thinking... What do others prefer? Do you like naked pics or clothed/shirtless/underwear pics? For me, I like clothed/shirtless/underwear because I think there is something far sexier about imagining what's underneath as opposed to having it flopping/sticking right in your face... so to speak!

What do you guys think?

An introdcution is an order here!
Views: 191 · Added: 526 days ago

Being this is mine very first blog entry here, I thought it would be proper to introduce myself. If you have gone to my profile: now would be good time to do so! There is lot fun information about me there. But here I thought here, I would go a little more in depth. I am 26 year old who loves to be comical. I also eager people. My hobbies are: writing stories and music. and dream job is to film composer some day. :) Another important fact: I am christian. Thus, I do not judge other people. We are make bad choices in lives, but I am ashamed of mine. :) That is it for now. Till next time.
Aniolel, out

me trying to "art"
Views: 100 · Added: 7 days ago

be all you can be
Views: 186 · Added: 383 days ago

this blog is to help..jolt..awaken..gently scream in your ear..alert..mainly younger guys who may still be in school,,been out a while..maybe even guys is always now that you should get a fire in your belly concerning your furure..its two parts...earning money,,and saving money..computers and the medical field are two growth industries..this is not to say stop having the words of pink floyd.."ten years have got behind one told you when to missed the starting gun"..find a better paying carreer...more inside soon..what do you think of this???..please join in with your two cents...thanks..ol mr. mike

my first dildo
Views: 237 · Added: 16 days ago

This evening I insert in my hole all the Brent Everett's Fleshjack' dildo for the first time... it was a hard task :) this is my first dildo ever

Views: 230 · Added: 108 days ago

Does anyone know who the mysterious "moderator(s)" here is? What is his story? Has anyone actually had any interaction with this will-o'-the-wisp? Or is he really another "Wizard of Oz"? Or maybe the "Banker" from "Deal or No Deal"? We all know what a "sweetheart" he was! LOL Air Tight Outta Sight!

Views: 383 · Added: 493 days ago

any ideas how I can make my own fleshlight guys? or should i save myself the hassle and buy one?

Views: 233 · Added: 349 days ago

So my birthday is in a couple days, May 3rd. I cant wait! ill finally be able to do lots of things (legally that is lol).

I plan to go to a local club at midnight on my birthday and hit up a strip club that night.

What did you do for that big birthday or what do you plan to do?
Anything special or memorable happen?
Was it what you thought and hoped it to be?

older horny dude
Views: 341 · Added: 531 days ago

live alone in the o man..these boys i see are so HOT...i hate to think of the jism wasted..when us daddys like to eat it so much..and eat dick, lick nuts and feast on buttholes....sorry..just venting a bit !!!

he turned out to be an old friend of a friend and talking about him with said friend that he heired he had a white blood cell problem and that he was alost sure it was AIDS for the longest time.. What may cause that and not be AIDS? and how to i comfront him about itjQuery18207614464125200106_1387000728376 like "hey roumor has it that you have aids i wont kiss you until you have papers?" like what should i do!?

sunday chat
Views: 188 · Added: 158 days ago

ok so maybe alot of you read on sunday evenings. for discussion today. if you knew at 16 what you know today, what would you do different?

I was with my soul-mate for over 10 years. We lived, laughed and loved together everyday. I thought we would grow old together (so did he), but unfortunately fate had a different idea. I lost him to Cancer almost 3 years ago and I feel as tho I died with him. It seem so hard some days to go on without him with me physically. I work and function with what I have to do, but I do it with a broken heart and a veil covering my life.

Just wondering if anyone else has been there and does the pain and guilt of trying to move on ever go away?? :(

you know for a gay support forum alot
Views: 516 · Added: 525 days ago

Of you guys are dicks. I'm kinda done with this site now. I did enjoy talking to some of the nice people on here :) my mate James the one IV been seeing thinks its best we don't see each other until at least we finish school so IV been awfully depressed :p but hey! IV been told to stop talking about it here and find somewhere else.... so cya xxx

Uploads with incorrect tags put on them!
Views: 493 · Added: 1034 days ago

Devonian <---- Is uploading almost every video with BAREBACK as a tag and the videos are not bareback at all!

Views: 330 · Added: 286 days ago

im deleting this account because im not gay or bi i only like females

be honest whats your dick size????
Views: 1122 · Added: 1093 days ago

the size of my dick is somewher between 6 and 7 and a half inches. is that a bad size or ok.

Porn Collection
Views: 193 · Added: 155 days ago

I was curious to know other people's views about their porn collection. Do you download it to your computers? Do you watch it again? Do you organize them in some way? Do you know what you actually have?

When I watch porn here I develop a compulsion to download it (not all but the ones I like). The result is that I lost track of what I have and there are many duplicaes / triplicates. Just having it in my computer gives me some piece.

my thought on driving
Views: 187 · Added: 120 days ago

please see 1st post...

Ismealan Hits 600 Days
Views: 107 · Added: 54 days ago

One of the bestest best members of GBT, Alan, 'ismealan' celebrates 600 days on the site tomorrow and I wanted to mark the occasion and wish him all the best for the next 600 days. Always enjoy talking to you Alan HUGS

Gay erotica/porn
Views: 512 · Added: 464 days ago

Who likes reading gay erotica/porn and if so what is your favourite topic?

Shit just got real....Part 3
Views: 214 · Added: 178 days ago

Yesterday I made a blog, and it was a personal one to me and realized I oversteped my bound. I would like to take this time to say my apologies and right what I have wronged. Though I like to state my opions to you all, I have to realize that I cannot be overly pashionate to the point of hurting someone else. I am wrong and human. Though I was wrong, I agree with some on here like Zig and Tolead, that words do hurt some and there is no reason to curse and target violence and hate. But on the other hand, please, do not shun this person. I realized and thought about it last night long and hard, that he too felt a passion and I dont blame him for being upset. When bofriends/girlfriends/spouses and children/family come into play, he was only doing what he thought was right and protecting someone he cared about. So again, I would like to apologize for my portion of the wrong from yesterday and I deleted the following blog. Thank you ----Johnnybe

Secret Boyfreinds!!
Views: 311 · Added: 74 days ago

im just wondering, did anyone esle have a secret crush with a boy at school? or still do?

i did and yes i do :)


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