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Anal incidence
Views: 388 · Added: 129 days ago

Porn spends a lot of time on anal sex, so much of porn is focused on it that I've been wondering if its incidence is an accurate representation of what we do. Is anal invariable? Do

What kind of movies or clips are your favorite
Views: 225 · Added: 41 days ago

I think this topic has been covered before on here but I couldn't find the post about it.

My question is what kind of movie or film clip do you like best? For me it's always been a really good BJ up close and in focus where the person doing it looks like they actually enjoy it instead of acting. I like it when the BJ starts with a soft cock and

Views: 138 · Added: 238 days ago

just wanted to say hey to everyone. i have no topic to lift up, just a lazy sunday while my partner studies. way back i posted a blog that i would answer questions anyone posed, other than questions relating to identiity. on a public forumn i still need to protect that. or give me a topic to blog on. i'm game.

Please think of us and pray for us in South Australia
Views: 253 · Added: 690 days ago

We have a problem.
The forecast is for around 4 days of extreme temperature.
Now today was ok 38 degrees but the forecast for tomorrow is 44 and getting hotter.
We have low humidity and the 2 things put together guarantee bushifires on a big scale.
If things get bad please stay by us. A bushfire is no fun.

Love and hope to chat soon.

Views: 270 · Added: 665 days ago

you know i have come to notice, and maybe its just me but i find it no longer fun to watch vids here, I.E. they take to long to buffer, then when they resume, its all glitchy and the sound dosent match up with the vid :( and then it buffers some more aarrgg, what gives nick??? can u please look into this?? please!!! or come up with a new media veiwer??

Views: 440 · Added: 986 days ago

is it just me /my server but i cant download in the last few hours something about apache server ?

Views: 604 · Added: 982 days ago

I can´t download the vids at this night. Anyone have an idea what´s up??

Views: 265 · Added: 6 days ago

Friendship...well not really
Views: 198 · Added: 400 days ago

1401 days
Views: 208 · Added: 193 days ago

i missed it yesterday. had to be 19 when i signed in. i do remember viewing the site before i was 18. the twinks have always been my fav. i never blogged until like the last year. well i've got a great page of favorites if anyone is interested, but i don't upload anything. this and nifty is all i look at. lov you guys!

Views: 376 · Added: 510 days ago

Do any of you guys out there think it normal to have a guy hold your dick while you have a pee I don't mean in a sexual way just get you up to a loo unzip you hold your dick pull back the skin if you have any and just hold it while you pee shake and put it back in your pants

Dick size
Views: 349 · Added: 40 days ago

What size dick do you like to be fucked by?

Views: 216 · Added: 314 days ago

I've been long overdue for a good cry.

take a quiz...
Views: 320 · Added: 538 days ago

A surprise package
Views: 205 · Added: 276 days ago

On my Birthday, the other day...

700 Days
Views: 438 · Added: 474 days ago

For me, when some marker is achieved, it seems I always reflect on the journey. And having arrived at 700 days here on GBT, it seemed appropriate to reflect on that time.

Like many, I came here to find porn. Which I did find in abundance. And, eventually felt that I should contribute to the site. The work Nick does is admirable for a free site, but it is dependent upon its members and users to have a credible library of videos and pictures that appeal to people and keep them here. So nearly 2,500 uploaded videos later, I hope I have added to the diversity of things to entertain people. However, that being said, I find I spend much time to find videos, download them, edit and then upload them. And, like many I know the frustration of not always seeing things posted. It goes with the territory and is just the way it is, although it seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks. And I think I may take a break from the video upload part of my membership for a while.

After some time, I realized that there was an entire community of people that were socially engaged with each other. Some purely about sex, and others about sharing their lives and experiences with people. Actually becoming friends and parts of each other lives. And supporting each other in times of stress and need.

That part of GBT has been a wonderful place to be. I have encountered so many kind and wonderful people. Some of who came into my life, and then left. Some because their lives changed and others because they had played their games and had their fun and moved on. There are also those that have become part of the fabric of my day, I will not list them, for fear of missing someone and I hope that you know who you are, but many are now part of my life away from GBT.

Like all communities, there is a cycle of the friendships, they ebb and flow over time. Some, once close are now just an acquaintance, not always for reasons clear to me. But such is life both here and in the real world.

And that cycle of ebbing seems strong lately, and it causes me to wonder, is this where my time should go each day. For as we all know, it take time to try to touch those we care about. I do not regret any of the time in the last 700 days, but am not clear if there is another 700 for me in the future. I think it is a day at a time proposition for now. Clarity in life is not something you create, it comes to you on its own schedule and in its own way.

No need for anyone to comment. Not looking for pleas to stay, or kind words, or a push to go. Just wanted to share how I felt. So many have made me feel so good to be here. And to those that chose to make it painful, I hope you enjoyed it as well.

How would i do it? Doesit ppay well? Do you have to be a certain height or anythin?

Views: 736 · Added: 301 days ago

Who's cum did you eat first, your Own or Another Guy's cum?

Views: 418 · Added: 520 days ago

… for now … i’m sorry, this is not easy for me, but i have to leave for a while … i’m back home for one week now, but so many has changed … i need some time for me and my boyfriend and my family and i have to think about the things happened the last week. Thank you for the wonderful time so far, i will miss you, Chris.

Are any of you a parent?
Views: 507 · Added: 890 days ago

I've raised 5 kids and have 5 grandkids now. I was lucky I raised them in a liberal area, but how has your gay parenting experience been?

Views: 305 · Added: 771 days ago

I see many of you young guys have photos on here and I just have to ask, dont they feed you? Jesus H. Christ some of you look like I could see your spine next to your navel. Are these actually pictures of you or are you like me and using a photo that represents who you feel like. I feel like I need to sign some of you up for a food pantry delivery. Please eat something!

Views: 411 · Added: 709 days ago

just taking a look about 5 pages of MOST ACTIVE MEMBERS and find some interesting things:

PAGE 1/19 member BARDAGHOHIO joined 603 days ago, last login 120 days ago.
PAGE 1/29 ROONTOTSY join 674 d, log 119d,
PAGE 2/7 WANNASUCKUHARD join 742d, log 169d,
PAGE 2/35 SUNNYTEENBOY4YTEENMASTER join 416 d, log 151 d,
PAGE 3/13 HARDWHITEDICK join 715 d, log 349 d,
PAGE 3/16 SOMERSET join 522 d,log 433d
PAGE 3/26 CREMASTER join 142 d, log 43 d,
PAGE 3/28 ALIENATED join 440 d, log 55d,
PAGE 4/1 BABLOS join 869 d, log 116 d,
PAGE 4/6 JACKNFAP join 455 d, log 116 d,
PAGE 4/11 DOMERUFF join 177 d, log 153 d,
PAGE 4/12 EBIGE join 498 d, log 179 d,
PAGE 4/39 ILUVUNCUTCOCK join 793 d, log 123 d,
PAGE 5/15 MICHAEL join 611 d, log 128 d,
PAGE 5/16 IAMLUKE join 826 d, log 364 d,
PAGE 5/34 HOTLOOKING392000 join 671 d, log 181 d,
PAGE 5/38 GREEDYGRAHAMUK join 674 d, log 541 d.

d= days ago, log= last login in days.

So what is this system, just thinking about if members joined here hundreds a days ago and last active login about the same are still the MOST ACTIVE members. This is only top5 list, sure you'll find lots more same kind of thing if you go further.

The more you upload pictures or videos and most of them are non-show or rejected by your server or some other reason and you try to take apart in blogs does not upgrage you over those old "ACTIVE" members, what I think is that most of them are not going to be active members here on GBT anymore in the future. Loyal customes, maybe?

2 days ago I passed 1 "old member" and that was a miracle :)

Nothing serious, just wondering because this system is not meeting my small brains capacity. Have a nice day, BSB

dumb me
Views: 192 · Added: 364 days ago

yea..i am mike1946..accidently deleted my account

Views: 468 · Added: 520 days ago

who wear tighty whites, boxer, boxer brief. i do

Loading Times
Views: 264 · Added: 326 days ago

Has anyone else been having serious problems with videos loading?

They seem to take several minutes just to load a few seconds. It's very annoying. It's been going on for a bit now.

Favourite photos
Views: 204 · Added: 56 days ago

all my favourite photos have disappeared,anybody else?

Views: 632 · Added: 603 days ago

any young guys interested in chatting on yahoo or skype? maybe camming after we get to know eachother some :) hit me up with a private message :)

Hey all
Views: 424 · Added: 1037 days ago

Hey all I'm new to this site and I wanted to say hey

Need advice
Views: 208 · Added: 37 days ago

I lost my two best friends and only friends a few years ago to me being gay, so I want friends--although I may not admit it. I convinced myself after a time that I didn't need friends because: (a) I'm gay, and people don't like what they don't understand, and look at the people who still don't accept us as a community; (b) I have trouble being a friend, which is what my family therapist said to me years ago; and (c) I may have Asberger's, which is what my phsycologist said to me when I was recently out of college around 2008.

It's hard, though, not to want to have friendships--especially from some (guy) I perceive as attractive and popular. Often, it doesn't go well, and I end up looking like a fool. At my job before my recent one, I met such a guy who was like "seeing the face of God" for me he was so handsome. I immediately or soon thereafter friended him on Facebook. Our boss asked me to help some co-workers before going home for the night, which he did for me even though he was in the same room and heard the exact same request. I promptly unfriended him on Facebook to show him how mad I was. I think he noticed, talked to me, and then we were Facebook friends again. I knew that he liked and made dubstep music, so I found out everything I could about it--really just odd facts about artists to get him into making it more. Well, the end result was that he said I was smothering him. We were something of frenemies, according to him. At one point, he wanted to stay away (he also accused me of stalking him online) but I said I didn't want that. I told him I probably had Asberger's, I guess as a way to explain my odd behavior so he might stay--although I didn't explicitly say that was the reason I told him I probably had AS. I also told him I was gay, but not only him. To make him comfortable, I told some co-workers when we were sharing secrets on break. Of course, all this blew up in my face when we had a fight at work. It was really intense, filled with anger and sadness like two lovers having a quarrel. He thought I had a crush on him. But he still said to friend him on Facebook, even if he was only trying to be nice. I had since unfriended him again after one of our spats, but, when I was between jobs, I friended him again, and he accepted.

At my new job, I met another such guy (why do they have to follow me everywhere?). He's 18. The other guy was 19, but I find it surprising each time how more seemingly mature they are than me. My mother told me this job was a way to start over, and that I should focus on the job andlet friendship's develop naturally. I normally work with him, so I got to know hi and his buddies. I rapped for him and sat at lunch with him, talking to him and making him laugh. After a long time--longer than at my other job--I finally friended him, along with a few other co-wrokers so it wouldn't seem so awkward. We had received new work uniforms, and, sometime after we got them, I overheard said guy said he wished he could go shirtless under the vest (and the person he was walking with said, "That's so gay."). Then, in response to me saying the same thing, one of his buddies smirked and said that everybody desn't wear an undershirt under their vest anyway. We, of course, have to wear work shirts under the vest (which is what he meant and I obviously didn't pick up on. Shortly thereafter, one of my facebook friends (who wasn't said 18-year-old guy's facebook friend, but was someone we both had worked with once) posted exactly what said guy and I were talking about--only he had the vest zipped up. I shared the pic, and said guy liked it. Needless to say, that prompted me to post six pictures of myself--only I unzipped my vest so you could see my hair and belly button and, on the last photo, nipples. I was not only trying to be funny, but also cool and tough. I also wore sunglasses for my photos and was in an "I want YOU" pose for one. FACEBOOK IS AND NEVER HAS BEEN MY FRIEND; NOTHING GOOD COMES OF IT. The day after, I was fine until said guy accused me of sexual harrassment (which made me less want to talk to him). I explained to him that that wasn't my intention as well as the reasons behind the photos and how I wanted to be perceived (primarily as funny; I left out the cool and tough parts because I thought no one would believe that. I hoped, though, that said guy got the vibe because I told him I thought that's what Army guys (He was in the National Gaurd) liked and that it was a guy thing. The first night or so after, when I obviously had my head down in embarrassment (which I indicated verbally after his harrassment comment) and dejection once I spotted him, he put his hands on my shoulders and said "Ke-VIIIN" in the tough way he always says it. That didn't change. He still talks to me and sat with me once so far at lunch, but I don't feel the same closenes I once did with him. One time, as if in sympathy, he tapped his knuckle on my spine as he went behind me without looking at me--kind of wierd for a sexual harrassment accuser. I didn't lose my job, thank god. Indeed, I sent the pictures to people I thought would be cool with it--more than hiim. I even received some positive feedback from the OP that prompted my photos and another Facebook friend. When said guy and his friends wanted me to remove my pictures as soon as I got home, I thought that I needed to show my sincerity in not posting again and so I unfriended them permanently. I want to be friends, but I'm not sure how he (and his buddies) feel about me now. I have even been called "wierd" in jest by them, so I don't know if they know I'm gay or not. Also, when he saw me after the incident, he said, "Are you still here? Good." I guess at this point I should mention that I told everyone, which is how I really feel, when prompted that I often don't feel good about myself, so maybe he was respondng to that. I also said that I was glad he was at work as well. One night, he even said I deserved a promotion, but then asked me where (what location)

I appreciate your thanks for my military service guys
Views: 257 · Added: 799 days ago

To tell the truth I joined the military because I was just a fuck up in high school and didnt know what else to do. I wasn't Captain America or anything, I was a walking penis. My cock got really big when I was a freshman and once people started talking I got all the pussy i wanted. Soon I grew bored with that and since a buddy and I fucked at my house almost every day I quickly expanded to cocks too. It wasnt long before I was ditching class to fuck suck or both. Hell I even got busted in the storage room above the school auditorium fucking. Anyway I graduated barely and I knew that I needed some focus. My Dad told me it was the military or he had a friend that had a roofing business. Fuck the roofing bussiness! I joined up, I must admit Boot was hell! lost of yelling screaming and physical shit and NO SEX!!! No privacy to jack off!My buddies were cool we became really close. My cock became a focal point of many jokes. The tommygun! Anyway I learned a lot about being a man, and respect for myself and others. I got to see parts of the world I would never had on my own. Spent 3 years in then took a hit in my right shoulder it got fucked up and lost the hearing in my right ear. Could have been worse. I came home with a monthly check and decided to travel around the country for a while before decided what to do with my life. So thats me in a nutshell. Like I said I appreciate your thanks but there are a lot of guys much more deserving than me.

Theres a heap of satisfaction to sit here thinking of you Dad. And to tell you once again Dad, how very much I love you. There is comfort just in longing for a smile from your face. And joy in just remembering your very special place. There is happiness in knowing that my heart will always be a place where you will rest and will always be near to me. All my love to you Dad.

How gay do you act???
Views: 739 · Added: 876 days ago

This may sound like a stupid question to some but I am bi (but kind of more into guys) and compared to all of the gay guys I know I act the most "straight" out of all them. Most people would never guess I like the cock! Not that anything is wrong with acting gay or anything I just wanted to know how many of you are the same way, or how many of you think you fall into the category of the stereotypical "gay guy". (sorry if this offends anybody, just asking a question)

My own personal website anyone
Views: 233 · Added: 376 days ago

Have a look and let me know what you think thanks thanks


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