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just saying hi to all....whats up? new here but seems to be a pretty COOL site ( ;

do you have an age limit?
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I have a 5 year age limit so with me being 19 (turn 20 april 20) i wont talk to anyone (boy or girl) younger than 14 or older than 24.... i five years might be pushing the boundaries on whats right or wrong but hey im only human :p

Need A Pen?
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Virus attack ..f.att. of Nick please
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This afternoon Norton keeps on telling me that I am being attacked by "Exploit Kit Website 10"...Gayboystube is the only website I have open apart from aol. Norton is blocking it so it is not hurting me but it might be a problem for others.

i have been made aware that again, a video of the late vladik shibanov, has been uploaded to gbt. a few months ago, 'the other part' of this video was on the site and requests for its removal together with good cooperation from site admin nick18 had it come down.

this is NOT adult entertainment. it is in fact EVIDENCE in an international child abuse and pornography investigation. [ excerpt from ]

Published: August 3, 2011, 17:48

Headline: Crimean university lecturer delivered boys sex tourists and rented porn

"In 2009, Vlad S. died in a car near Alushta, which left a lot of questions from investigators. But his film is still actively sold and generate income to the creators. That picture with the late Vlad could form the basis for prosecution. The fact that the age of 18 this young man has appeared in two short porn films, one of which he, in particular, copulating in front of a camera with a rubber doll."

vladik was one of untold numbers of ukraine/crimea boys from poor homes that was lured by money and 'toys' then controlled and manipulated by one well-studied in psychology, igor rusanov the founder of azov films and ~ who is apparently still in custody facing prosecution. updates are difficult to get and i have a contact in german who tried to keep me informed of things.

i have no doubt from all that i have been given and read, that vladik, like me and others here who are adult survivors of child sex abuse, was in fact an unassisted survivor (victim) at the time of his death in a horrible car accident. those who may have seen the other part of the 2 'doll' videos, will recognize that one was made with this same vehicle:

is there so much a shortage of content that we need have this on gbt? i dont think so. so i ask all other abuse survivors here and all persons with a heart that can find compassion or at least empathy in themselfs when they look at this humble pic from the alushta area:

lets join together and ask that this video of vladik also be removed and with respect for his memory and those he left behind (family, girlfriend and local friends) and also that we dont put any more of him here ~ ever!

this just for reference. dont have to watch it, speciall after seeing the pics i linked. [ ]

thank you.

recent blog about vladik (8/6/12)

Age: 111
City: Los Angeles
Country: US
About Me: Love porn. Can't get enough
Here For: The young amatuer vids
Favorite Categories: Bareback, young, piss, public, caught,
Ideal Partner: 12+ w/ natural pubes :-) <-------
Erogenic Zones: Balls, legs, lips
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Guys

national orgasm day
Views: 328 · Added: 324 days ago

yes today is the day! either with a partner, by yourself or by machine, today you must celebrate your male roots and enjoy a prolonged, sensational orgasm. do it often, do it with a friend, or if all else fails, do it with a girl. this ones for you. squirt hearty, squirt well, squirt often!


Upset about posting videos?
Views: 318 · Added: 485 days ago

Don't be. I was at another site before this and people used to bitch and moan about posed videos never showing up. They got all pissed off, threatened to leave, stormed around, posting to blogs, etc. Finally the admin guy told people he appreciated their hard work whether it showed up or not and that a lot of times he needed to make a decision whether he was violating copyrights, posting underage material, or reposting a vid that already appears 17 times on the site. After he said that, everyone just mellowed out and posted without making a federal case out of it. You guys that post vids regularly really do a nice job, but so does Nick.

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ok, this is for uncut guys only. how much foreskin covers your head when you are fully erect?

Favorite Part of the Male Physique?
Views: 293 · Added: 601 days ago

I think the face is mine. What about you all?

Views: 1042 · Added: 1141 days ago

If anyone wants to talk or even webcam im available. For sexual needs or even just to talk. my pictures is actually me and i love to jack off.

Jerk off session
Views: 501 · Added: 176 days ago

on average how long do you jerk it before you cum?

cock sounding
Views: 376 · Added: 156 days ago

thinking about trying to sound my cock, the practice of putting smooth metal up your cock head. anybody done this if so does it hurt or feel good and any suggestions

Views: 667 · Added: 859 days ago

do you find it so hard to say "no" that you regularly do favors you don't want to do? if so, why?

Coming out to family
Views: 201 · Added: 26 days ago

So I came out to some more of my family yesterdaay at a family gathering. A lot of crying, shouting and emotion. My uncle who is retired Army was great, others not so much. The denial

Lets talk penises
Views: 432 · Added: 630 days ago

Do you prefer a penis that is long and normal thickness?
Average length but on the thick side
a Penis with a big Head (My personal Favorite, love to play bob the knob)
how about cut or uncut?
How about a down bend like Jeff Stryker (I happen to own his life like dildo)
An Upward curve
Come on guys share some of the interesting penises you have had and why they were different?

Dear (GBT) Diary ...
Views: 240 · Added: 296 days ago


sex toys
Views: 853 · Added: 862 days ago

which is your favorite sex toy?

Deutsch ?
Views: 404 · Added: 483 days ago

Wär doch nicht schlecht wenn wir hier mal nen Blog für deutschsprachige User aufmachen könnten. Oder ??

Views: 199 · Added: 24 days ago

whats the point in this world, all down to money, its not the be all and end all of life, whatst he point really.

i got a boner!
Views: 633 · Added: 862 days ago

anybody else got one?

Views: 290 · Added: 738 days ago

today is tobs 21at birthday. add a nice comment here, send him an ecard or post on his wall

i hope the guy who has helped so many here (includes me to come out!) gets flooded with message of happiness so much the servers on one side of england go kookoo. tobs you are a great friend to over 2000 here on gbt and there a reason for that, you just one total special human being. congrats and happy years ahead always!

Favorite Sexual Act?
Views: 519 · Added: 346 days ago

Mines Rimming And Recieving And Whats Your Guys?

sleep overs
Views: 941 · Added: 590 days ago

ok guys have you had a mate stay over and you woke up really horny in the middle of the night and have you ever touched him (played with his cock )
i hve on more then once

Feature Request
Views: 298 · Added: 691 days ago

I was just thinking, if any admin is listening how about added a new feature to the site to allow you to edit your post if you noticed you made a typo and correct it. Say you made a typo on someones wall or on comment in blog, video or pics. What do you guys think about having that feature for our next update. I for one would not mind that just wanted to hear what you guys think.

June 29th 1983
Views: 270 · Added: 593 days ago

This is a queston for some of u older guys - what were u doin on June 29th 1983? - list all yr activiys that day - startin at 7am an goin through for the rest of the day.
Now, if u say "I did _______ on that day" i ask - r u sure? r u sure u didnt do that on, say, the 28th of June 1983? or the 30th? maybe u r thinkin of 1982? or 1984? - how can u be sure after all thi time? how can u be sure yr memory aint playing tricks on you?

Obviously the response from most peeps is "how the hell shuld i know what i was doin on that day?" - and of course they are right.

In recent weeks there has been a big sex scandel in Britain bout lots of famous entertainers rooting underage girls - Jimmy Saville, Freddie starr, Stuart Hall have been arrested an maybe there r others to follow.

These allegtions are 'historic' happening decades ago.

You cant remember June 29th 1983 so how plausible is it that someon remembers what they were doing decades ago with amazin recall for dates and times? how plausible is it when there are large compenasation payments in the pipeline? (u know what i mean?)

Now noone wants 'genuine' pedophile sex maniacs punished more than me, but anyon arrested is condemnd and guilty whether charges are dropped, or they r acquitted (or dead).

The ghost of Joe Mccarthy must be roaring with laughter...

I'm sorry if all I seem to do on here is be depressing and complaining alot. Just don't really have anywhere else to do it

what do you like!?
Views: 314 · Added: 774 days ago

no! as in what music do you like!?

i personally like metal but more and more dubsep for some reason.. but the heavy dubstep :D

Canada Day
Views: 173 · Added: 388 days ago

Just wanted to wish all you Canadian guys out there a 'Happy Canada Day'.

Teenboy idols
Views: 592 · Added: 564 days ago

Do you have any favorite teen boy idols and who are they?

Are Americans ready for Gay Marriage ???????
Views: 198 · Added: 479 days ago

First time with a boy
Views: 2624 · Added: 1027 days ago

hey! Anyone who wanna share the first thing they did with another guy/boy?

When i was 12-13yo by best friend was my cousin who was the same age as me. we had a lot of sleepovers where we used to wank eachother and licked (didnt know what blowjob was at that time). we also used to rub our dicks on eachothers asses. one day he just didnt wanted to do it anymore. never done anything since with a guy. so what did u do your first time?

Kitty Cat :3
Views: 341 · Added: 599 days ago

I love cats - Just can't get enough of cats :3 Do you like cats ? What do you like the most about cats? How many cats do you have?
~ Mic


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