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White on asian / young
Views: 47 · Added: 1 day ago

hi guys im into white dominating asain if any of you have any expereince or share the same love lets chat and know each other

Im also into young smooth boys etc so private chat me if you share same interest

Views: 72 · Added: 2 days ago

why won't my videos upload?
Views: 66 · Added: 2 days ago

Are there any specific guidleines I should be following? I tried uploading a few videos that were never accepted and i don't know how to contact the website to ask why. It was a pretty standard video

Views: 104 · Added: 2 days ago

Congrats Nick18
Views: 86 · Added: 2 days ago

Hi y'all..

1600 !
Views: 65 · Added: 2 days ago

1600 days today !

Awesome times here !!

Views: 188 · Added: 2 days ago

He has a really big cock and shoots a heavy load so I really want to feel it

boo every one boo
Views: 12 · Added: 3 days ago

Views: 63 · Added: 3 days ago

a painting i did years ago it im clearing out my stuff

Alexis Samuel 1,000 Day
Views: 132 · Added: 3 days ago

Today, Alexis Samuel (Kaya986) has reached the 1,000 day milestone on GBT. Sam is the kindest and most caring person I have ever known. He exudes love and caring to anyone that he meets. With all that has happened in his life, he still only knows to love and care. I am priveleged and humbled to call him a friend. Please join me in raising a glass in his honor today. Sam, may you have another 1,000 day. And with that my gratitude for being a friend.

Random Saturday Musing
Views: 17 · Added: 3 days ago

Whenever somebody asks me how I became gay...I buy 'em one of these! Lol.

Damn cat
Views: 53 · Added: 3 days ago

Congratulations to Nick18 on 1700 GBT days
Views: 256 · Added: 3 days ago

Congratulations to Nick18 on 1700 GBT days. Thank you for creating the best ever gay social media site.

my hottest fuckboys. they are all very fuckable. let me know which one do you like most? Dirk - Julian (on the top, right and left), Dominik - Tobias (in the middle, right and left), Pascal - Dominic (finally - right and left). my boys are also interested about how popular they are here ;-)


No really I should
Views: 39 · Added: 3 days ago

video capture of Cam4, Chaturbate or Streamen
Views: 64 · Added: 3 days ago

Video capture of Cam4, Chaturbate or Streamen - are they ok here? What about their logos in the video?

Views: 18 · Added: 3 days ago

Anyone having problems with videos playing, you know the stop and go or the stop and don't go issues.

Non Porn Day?
Views: 191 · Added: 3 days ago

I have always wanted to have1 day a year we only listed new Non Adult videos and images. What do you guys think, sure many might get upset but might be fun and a little diffrent.

How to repair a corrupted MP4 file?
Views: 145 · Added: 3 days ago

I downloaded a hot vid in MP4 format but it doesn't run because the download was completeed only upto 98%. Worse: the source is no more available.

For damaged AVI files I use DivFix++ ( which is free. I am looking for something similar to fix MP4 but I only find quite expensive sharewares.

Any clue? (PC or Android) Thanks! Vlad

Looking for Vids staring a certain twink!
Views: 19 · Added: 4 days ago

Does any one know any sites I can find vids with Chad Lash.

My first pics
Views: 23 · Added: 4 days ago

i just uploaded e few yaoi pics and the where aproved so check them out if you wish to doing so

enjoy them

Hello :)
Views: 45 · Added: 4 days ago

I'm new in this web. I hope meet people

Dick size
Views: 313 · Added: 4 days ago

What size dick do you like to be fucked by?

Blue Blossom's
Views: 47 · Added: 4 days ago

who wants me as their cam slave?
Views: 15 · Added: 4 days ago

my name is dizzievoid, add me

Good weekend
Views: 11 · Added: 4 days ago

i wish you all e good and playfull weekend and lots of nice food for your eyes and your nr one

have fun thats all what i can wish for you all on this site here

Welcome to my blog
Views: 58 · Added: 4 days ago

Anyone welcome to my blog just started out

its gone be fun.

Pictures of me showing off in skintight clothes
Views: 119 · Added: 4 days ago

I'm going to try to upload some piccies of me from the past couple weekends wearing super skintight spandex while running errands. My favourite adventure was going to Dunkin Donuts early in the morning two Saturdays ago wearing my new purple leggings. The material was super thin. Everything showed through, even the veins and the shape of the head. As I walked there, I could feel my entire wiener swelling up and throbbing because I was so horny. It was so daring and exciting knowing that the lady who was taking my order could see every little detail of my boyparts perfectly outlined in the spandex and pointing straight up, completely stiff. There's no doubt she could tell how excited I was that morning!

Wish you all e good and....
Views: 18 · Added: 4 days ago

I wish you all e good and fine horny day

one work out a day keeps the doctor away

enjoy your workout


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