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I'm personally not even sure what "Chemsex" is so had to do a search to figure out what I was reading.
So it's basically another useless trend where gay guys need to be written off on Drugs to have sex... Very sad.

This distrubing trend could also explain the rise in HIV cases in the UK and other Countries.
Is life that bad that you have to be off your face all of the time...

Chemsex is a term used to describe the use of drugs to engage in sex and is a word increasingly being associated with the trends we see in men accessing Antidote, our specialist LGBT drug.

What have been your experiences with Drugs in the gay Community (Of cource this isn't a new problem).
I basically have nothing to do with the gay Community because of the drug abuse in Australia and New Zealand.

I love Soft 2 Hard Picture Gallaries like......
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....... These


So if you know of any gallaries like it please share!!!

Be Strong
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love thy neighbour, I know real life is not perfect, but I can give my love and loads of affection to all my friends on here, like Thomas, Joel, Chris, Mike,Billy, Jerrod, to name just a few, and Sam, and all the rest of you I love close to my heart

Video Upload Size
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Just asking... Why the max size of uploaded video is changed to as low as 500 MB, before it was 1 GB per video?

Thanks :)

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Has anyone been to a gloryhole, what was your experience like?

Curiosity: Uploads
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So, I thought I'd be nice and upload some random stuff I found on the net and the Upload page itself caught my eye - 'I certify that I own the content' and 'I certify that I have consent to post it' - or however it's written.

Now, I'm not knocking anyone or anything about it, unless you upload stuff you bought or of yourself, that's perfectly fine, but, what about the very highly likely/high percentage of pictures and videos that probably don't belong to the uploader and no consent was had because this is the Internet and as long as I can copy and download stuff very sneakily, it don't matter.

I'm just curious about the whole thing really, because the wording makes it seem like it'd be total blashpemy if you don't adhere to it :P

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yeah i use to have a gloryhole in my house it was great fun to had a few guys use it

The Past Year;
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Wll it looks like I made this account exactly one year ago. In this year:

I lost my fake friends and got real one that will stick with me.

Came out of the closet

Got my firt boyfriend.

Gave him my virginity

Got my heart broken by his scumbag, lieing, flirtatious ass.

Thanks Guys!!
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Sexparty am 03.05.2014
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Ich veranstalte eine sexy Party am Sa. 03.05.2014 in K

30 minutes
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30 minutes is given to me to forget

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Where frost, where sorrow

share an intresting fact about yourself...
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i wet to bed into my teens..

i heard my friends talking about a thing called the darknet today. it sounded all really crazy. whats on there? have you ever been on it? is it illegal? how do u get on it? is it worth it? im really curious

We're not your enemy; we are you future.
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If you're lucky, you'll eventually be our age, so you might as well start learning about the pain and beauty and hope and hurt and heartbreak that comes with age. You are our past, so we might understand more than you think we do. If we forget or dismiss you as "too young to understand," slap some sense into us. It's one big beautiful gay world out there, and no matter our ages and age difference, let's share it together.

hairy chests
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from my experience in locker rooms, the pool, beach, etc. men seems to get hair on their chests around 19-20. some earlier, some later. i'm 23 1/2 and still waiting. i'm not complaining, i like being a twink, but i thought my male hormones would have provided that stage of manhood by now. whats the scoop?

double cum
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ever cum twice on the same erection?

First Sexual Experience
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Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?

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...... Please share your favorite picture gallary you can share anything but a full gallary of one guy is a pluss Thanks for the help :)

How to add pictures in the same photo album, please?

Suicide Rates by Age

In 2010, the highest suicide rate (18.6) was among people 45 to 64 years old. The second highest rate (17.6) occurred in those 85 years and older. Younger groups have had consistently lower suicide rates than middle-aged and older adults. In 2010, adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 10.5

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Wll ummm... i dont really know how to do this blog thing but i kninda wanna start lol... any tipsjQuery18206804681536741555_1397317958204?

Knocking On Glass
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recently been jamming with a few muscians in the area. And the guitarist is pretty damn hot guy. he is in his late teens. so i was asleep in bed last night when i heard this knocking on my bedroom windows, thinking it was some kids i just ignored it, until i heard my name, i looked out the window and their was the guitarist. i opened the door, and was like whats up. he basically drunk, fallen out with friends and had lost his phone and wallet, and needed somewhere to crash. so i let him in. we chatted and i said u can crash on the sofa. so he went to the living room and kind half passed out straightaway. i left him in the room, gave him a pillow and left him. about 10 mins goes by and he knocks on my bedroom door, and says ur fish tank pump is driving me mad, can i sleep on ur floor, i said, well u can sleep in my bed if u want. so there i was sharing a double bed with this hot late teen dude. he woke up at the night and went to the toilet, he came back to bed and removed his jeans and jacket, leaving him wearing boxes and a black tshirt. how i wanted just to turn and face him and kiss him, and reach for his package - wank him off or go down on him, oh the fantasies that went through my head! though i was well shattered today, it was worth it. cant help but wish i made a move...

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