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there is nothing i dislike more than to see videos labeled daddy, daddy/son or father/son. i know it is mainly a term for an older man with a teen and that they are all actors, not related. but i have a real image problem with fathers having sex with their sons. its abuse, not consentual. and i hate my father and making light of a father/son relationship turns my stomach. just my opinion guys, i know there are some out there that get turned on by this. to each his own. i just wonder if anyone really had a non-abusive, enjoyable relationship with a father and that they still feel good about it today.

Billy I love you with all my heart

Sponge Bob


Mr. Krabs


T in the park
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fabulous, good thing to get me out of how I am feeling. I figured when life kicks dirt your face, you dust yourself down, and say bring it on, my mum had a bad accident,my auntie died. So its time to stand tall......

jo technique
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when you jo do you stop at the moment of ejaculation? or do you continue to stroke as the cum flows?

Embeded videos still not working with Tumblr
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Waiting for the VIPs to fix this issue before I continue posting more videos.


Need a good laugh?.....
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it's that holiday time 2 weeks in POLAND

San Diego
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Hey guys, I'm heading to San Diego for Comic-Con, so will be away from GBT for a while. Maybe see some of you there.


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what is your most important ingrediant in your current relationship...that keeps is together and on track?

THE 'C' WORD......
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I sit outside at night looking at the stars wondering how many more people in my life have to die or dissappear in order for my heart to finally become unmendable. How many times can my life forever be changed. One, two, maybe three? How many times must I tell myself that these tears aren't for nothing. That every tear that falls into these sheets somehow strengthens my resolve. How should I feel knowing that I will never see your smile again. I will never hear your voice say my name again. Ever. How can I help but feel that a unique part of me is gone forever. I feel like im just an empty space, a hollow shell without any substance. Theres so much that I wish I could have said to you.

Would you vote for an
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Would you vote for an "admitted heterosexual"...see how residents of Austin Texas responded to that question:

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so what's the deal with|jordan , anyone know, it's been a month since he logged on. did he get moved? settled anyone?

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
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Has anyone gotten the human papillomavirus vaccination?

My First Orgasm
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I wrote this for another forum.

@The TweetOfGod
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Great photobomb...
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and I know it really is not a photobomb.

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Anal incidence
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Porn spends a lot of time on anal sex, so much of porn is focused on it that I've been wondering if its incidence is an accurate representation of what we do. Is anal invariable? Do

Being Called Gay
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A couple of weeks ago I was at the pool with a friend when a wasp landed on the sole of my foot. I quickly panicked because I'm terrified of wasps, bees, hornet, or any other insect that flies and stings. I thought it was just hanging out on my foot, so I begged my friend to look and see. After she let me know the coast was clear, I calmed down and she told me, "Wow, that's the gayest I've ever seen you act." I was pretty upset with this statement. Calling me gay to say that I like men is fine, but calling me gay to say I fit into ignorant, warped stereotypes bellittles me and crosses the line. Being more outspoken than ever these days, especially in the face of generalizations and statements without any foundation, I quickly gave her a piece of my mind. I really don't understand what acting gay, straight, feminine, or masculine means anyway. I'm not an actor, I don't fit into some role. I'm not acting anything, I'm being me.

May God be with You all. Sad and confused, my regular flight from Europe to Asia.

malayasia flight 17
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My heart goes out to all the families and friends, of those on board,


OH WAITER!.....Separate Checks please.

A Sunday Thought
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Music or live action sound?
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I really hate porn with music, don't care much for the ones with no sound either. To me, hearing a guy getting into the action is the hottest. I love to hear some heavy breathing, a few ooows and aaaahs, gasping and moaning. Not so much that it seems fake but just enough to convey the pleasure. Watching a guys face and body reacting to the action is also very hot to me. Does anybody here really like to listen to music while watching a guy jerking or getting sucked off? It really doesn't do a thing for me, just wondering how you all feel.


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