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Who's better partner
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Who's better partner ? Old man or young boy

Andrew and Jeremy Discover: Oral Sex
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[Continued from Andrew and Jeremy Discover: Kissing]

Andrew let go of Jeremy's hand and began walking up the stairs with Jeremy close behind. "Nice ass!" Jeremy declared as Andrew turned and smiled.

[Careful Andrew. You don't wanna trip on one of those steps and fall on Jeremy.]

"I'll bet that's not the first time you've heard yourself saying that about my ass..." Andrew said as he fumbled over a step.


Jeremy stifled a laugh as he and Andrew reached the top of the stairs.

Jeremy reached forward and placed his hands on Andrew's shoulders. "This way." Jeremy said as he turned Andrew towards the right.

[Nearly there Andrew! Don't screw this up! You'll never forgive yourself!]

Jeremy stopped Andrew and opened up his bedroom door. "Here we are." Jeremy said as he nudged Andrew inside. "Make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back."

Andrew walked into Jeremy's bedroom and stopped short of the bed. He reached down inside his pants and readjusted himself. Once he was satisfied with his new arrangement, Andrew layed down on the bed and crossed his legs. He then crossed his arms underneath his head as he stretched slightly.

[I hope you remembered to wear clean underwear, Andrew. First impressions are very important.]

After a brief moment, Jeremy returned to his bedroom carrying something in his hands. Andrew took notice of the mysterious object right away.

"What's that?" Andrew asked as he smirked at Jeremy.

"What's what?" Jeremy asked as his eyes locked onto Andrew's bulge.

Andrew lifted his head a little and raised his eyebrows. "That thing in your hand."

"Oh, it's nothin'." declared Jeremy as he tossed the item down onto the floor.

[Was that some black lingerie in Jeremy's hand? It would appear that Jeremy has a kinky personality.]

Before Andrew could get up to see what Jeremy had tossed down onto the floor, Jeremy immediately threw himself down onto Andrew, straddling Andrew's crotch. Jeremy placed his hands onto Andrew's shoulders and held him down so he couldn't move. A lustful smile began to overtake Jeremy's face.

"So how far do you wanna go?"

"All the way!" Andrew stated as he thrust his pelvis straight up into the air, nearly causing Jeremy to hit his head on the headboard.

[Easy there Andrew. You don't wanna give Jeremy a concussion.]

Jeremy continued to hold Andrew down as he reached down with his right hand and opened up Andrew's pants. He reached inside and took ahold of Andrew's throbbing rod as Andrew's body twitched slightly at the strange new sensation.

[Yeah... Feel's good, doesn't it Andrew?]

Jeremy slid down and pulled Andrew's pants and underwear off. He stroked Andrew's boner as he tossed the clothing down onto the floor.

Andrew closed his eyes as Jeremy slid his hot, wet mouth down over his bulging head. Andrew opened his mouth slightly as he fought to contain himself over this incredible new experience.

Jeremy pulled his mouth off of Andrew and got up on his knees. "Damn, you've got a nice dick..." Jeremy admitted as he spread Andrew's legs further apart.

Jeremy then removed his shirt, revealing a slightly toned chest and a small, black, beaded necklace around his neck.

[Hold your dick up and wave it around, Andrew... It'll let Jeremy know that you want some more of that hot mouth...]

Andrew reached down and began tantalizing Jeremy with his rock-hard dick as Jeremy began to remove his own pants. Andrew stared in astonishment as Jeremy slowly pulled the front of his underwear down, revealing an erection that was just slightly bigger than Andrew's.

"Damn..." Andrew heard himself say as he began to masturbate.

Jeremy reached down and pulled Andrew's hand off of his dick as he once again slid his mouth down over Andrew's raging wood. Jeremy began sucking Andrew's dick more voraciously as Andrew slowly humped Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy layed down on his stomach and began humping the bed as Andrew's thrusting became more intense.

[Easy Andrew! You're gonna cum too quickly!]

Andrew suddenly let out a throaty moan as he suddenly thrust his dick deeper into Jeremy's mouth.

[Too late...]

Jeremy continued to suck on Andrew's boner as cum began to escape Jeremy's mouth and slide down the length of Andrew's dick. Andrew let out a deep breath as Jeremy began to lick the sudden mess off of Andrew's smooth, round balls.

[Don't fall asleep, Andrew. I don't think Jeremy's done yet...]

Jeremy moved up to Andrew's head. He then rested the bulk of his weight on his left knee as he raised his right knee up and rested it against the headboard. Jeremy took ahold of his still throbbing dick and gently slapped Andrew on the mouth with it.

"Suck it!" Jeremy playfully demanded as Andrew opened his mouth and began sucking on Jeremy's head. Jeremy closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he held onto the headboard. Jeremy moaned slightly as he began to gently pump Andrew's mouth.

Once he was satisfied, Jeremy slowly pulled himself out of Andrew's mouth. Him and Andrew smiled at each other as Jeremy leaned down and began to make-out with Andrew.

After a brief moment of intense tongue-sex, Jeremy positioned himself on the edge of the bed as he reached down and picked up the black lingerie.


Jeremy then straddled Andrew and sat down on his limp dick.

"Now what?" asked Andrew.

Jeremy smiled and held the black lingerie up so Andrew could see it.

"Now... We have some real fun..."

[To be continued... WOOP! WOOP!]

Is there something going on wrong or some infection with this website?!

Wanker Tossing
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Porn Actors
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Who is your favorite porn actor of all time and what makes him special

Cat Shame
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Still picture or video porn when you cum?
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Videos obviously have a great wank advantage and are more real - the moans, the movements, the action.

But sometimes I find a single pic drives me over the edge more when I wank, like I focus more and don't have to be clicking anything. Like I'll watch a bunch of of my favorite videos but winding up cumming to this pic time and time again.

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A few days ago my house mate lied to me saying he didn't have any weed in the house
now i don't care if he smokes it but one of the house rules is no drugs in the house ever
What should i do

First time
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At what age did you have sex and what happened?

New issue on "Photos"?
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Hi all, I am still trying to upload photos. Managed to get 2 albums uploaded in 7 weeks. YEAH! But now I see in the "photo" gallery that white space has appeared where an album shoud be. So I see 10 albums and a space where 1 should be. Anyone else experiencing this strange occurance?

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shiny Happy
Views: 78 · Added: 3 days ago

Shiny Happy Happi

Damn cat
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A lot of the videos I see here shows bareback sex (anal and oral) and rimming, but there's a lot of std's out there, and even though I want to, I'm kinda scared of doing all these stuff (I'm a virgin, have no experience at all). I need some advice, some orientation...

Thanks ;)

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what is goulash ? had it on holiday in croatia 25 yrs ago in a cheap roadside cafe btw croatia was still part of the communist republic of yugoslavia - has any one else tried this delicasy ? just wondering after such a long time i can still taste it - giles

Juvenile elephant seals
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Hwy 1 by Hearst castel

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i just visited a friends wall...Kaya986, and i read a beautiful quote "I try to be a good person in my life cause i respect myself and mostly other person. I love other peoples and most of all i

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25 yrs ago
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found this photo of mophead taken 25 years ago sitting on a beach in croatia - dubrovnik

Today you Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

Discovering Your Body
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What is the second hole in anal sex?

I will revist to give my explaination

Out By Taft cal.
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my hottest fuckboys. they are all very fuckable. let me know which one do you like most? Dirk - Julian (on the top, right and left), Dominik - Tobias (in the middle, right and left), Pascal - Dominic (finally - right and left). my boys are also interested about how popular they are here ;-)


cool cats
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cool cats

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2014
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The dates are October 4-12, 2014. It is one of the most amazing festivals.


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