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Maximum hotness
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merry christmas
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this is one amazing singer and yea i even think he is gay as well u should check out his michael jackson video omg it is awesome :) he was on the ellon show as well. and others

Braedan's profile is gone
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Braedan posted a smiley face on my wall this morning. A few minutes later I noticed that his avatar was gone from that post. I checked his profile and get a 404 File Not Found. :(

Can any of you long time GBT posters help. Tried "dragging" some of my saved photos and inserting them into my previous blog post but that did not work. Newcomer here and not sure how that insert/edit image function is supposed to work.

According to info of description of cast members for the movie "Das fickende Klassenzimmer" [aka the fucking class], over at the gay erotic video index, his name is Rene D Lamore. He has the same black hair, lean smooth body type, and enthusiasm as Kyler Moss.

The movie can be seen here at GBT but it is under the title "German School". Just type that into the GBT search block and you can bring it up. Hope all the pictures and text gets uploaded this time.

The beautiful blond bombshell Peter Azur is also featured in this movie. He was in many of the same Man's Best movies as Rene D Lamore.

My slaveboy
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slaveboy's ass

New site section?
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I wonder if we couldn't get a section of the site devoted to non-porn gay videos. Kind of a for gays, by gays community. It'd be nice to have a video blogging group of people who all shared atleast that in common.

Maximum hotness
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Creating Photo Albums
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Uploaded a few pics about 5 days ago ... still waiting for moderator approval... anyone know how long this takes?

Is it still possible to upload pics to GBT?


Monday Giggle
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funniest video on gbt
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i thought i knew where this was going but hahaha
thanks for posting guynmuskogee - giles

Awesome music videos....suggestions?
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I think the music video for Depeche Mode's 'Wrong' is quite simply the most amazing music video I've ever seen. I love Depeche Mode and this particular song anyway, but the video brings in a whole new dimension and says something to me existentially about the basic human condition.... am really interested in the idea of video that perfectly accompanies and accentuates music. Would love to get suggestions of things I might not know about.

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so, for some reason..i need chrome to watch vids and mozilla to read txt..lols this is crazy

Bad Boy
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5 dollar gold coin
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a time of giving
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it's a hard time for some people over the holidays. Try to forgo that one expensive gift and make a donation of money or your time to the charity of your choice. hugz Ron xoxo

weird stuff
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so spent the morning cleaning the kitchen suraces and the hob filthy so wanted to cook so gotout my kelly kettle set it up in the garden fired it up a roaring flame up the chimney a pan of butter and garlic eggs in milk scramblled and some smokeed salmon yumm had a afteroon nap woke up dreaming of writhing snakes an hour later - they wernt hornysnakes just smoothering ones

Insert/Edit image on blog entry
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Hi there! Does anyone know how to send here,on blog,a picture?...

Looking for likeminded fun in January.
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So here it is. My partner will be away for three weeks in January and I am looking to play while he is away. Open to any suggestions really: likeminded guys who like to meet up watch porn, share fanatasies, chat etc... or young guys who appreciate the daddy type! Perhaps even scope for a group to meet. I am UK based and obviously can accommodate during that time. Send me a message if you are interested/available and have any horny ideas.

cock ring
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mine not hard enoughto

An Angel ♫✿☼❤️
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Kids these days
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Article: Why do gay men act like teenagers?
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When Gay Liberation was kicking off in the late 1960s, non-conformity to heteronormative traits - marriage and monogamy being two of them - was part of the culture. This was a culture of freedom, of youth, and of possibilities. "Growing up" and getting married didn't fit into that very well.

In the lead up to my wedding, I'd started to realise there was a certain adolescence I was letting go of. What I didn't quite comprehended, until I thought that older gentleman's comment through, was that such an adolescence isn't something a lot of gay men want to let of go of.

Nor do they have to. Our culture permits - even encourages - an eternal Peter Pan syndrome whereby we can choose to remain young and free at heart. And we do the best we can to keep our physicality in such a state too.

I'm not the first to call this the "gaydolescence", but this isn't a common term. I can't speak for the rest of the LGBT spectrum, but for gay men, we're allowed a much longer lease on youth than our straight counterparts.

Until marriage equality came around, gay men were relieved of the pressures of having to couple up, move to a nice suburban neighbourhood, and spawn children to carry on the cycle.

For the most part, the gaydolescence comes from being denied a legitimate adolescence in our teenage years. Even gay teens who grow up in the most liberal of environments have a good few years of finding out who they are. For those that aren't so lucky, the years 13 through to 18, and often beyond, are riddled with confusion and isolation (past the appreciation of most heterosexual coming-of-age experiences).

The consequence of this is often young gay men don't partake - and actively distance themselves - from the adolescent experiences of teenage love, sex, even good friendships. Both implicitly via societal norms and explicitly by schoolyard bullies, gay teenagers are more likely to miss out almost entirely on the education of adolescence. They're perennially relegated to the sidelines as observers, shallow stereotypes, and outcasts.

While usually there are others to blame for this (like the aforementioned bullies), gay men only realise in later years that the onus was on them to have a proper adolescence, and we built up protective barriers of our own which prevented it. The fall out effect of this becomes apparent when we accept who we are, at 18, 22, or sometimes 30 or older, and then we become 16 year old boys all over again.

Sex drives ramp up. We join a party culture that doesn't stop for anything. We date around and finally get the sexual education we missed out on (and then some).

It's obvious that gaydolescence extends to some gay mens' physical appearance, too. Buffed up from the gym like the athletes we wanted to be in high school, we're finally able to enjoy the prime years of ultimate fitness and boysie banter we were once denied. We try to stop time in other ways as well; notably in our skincare and hair regimes, and our wardrobe choices. Only on gay men is it still acceptable to wear hi-tops and tank tops at 38.

For some guys, the gaydolescence never really ends. Others might drag it out until their mid-40s when they realise a the benefits of a prolonged adolescence are no longer outweighed by the effort it takes. But for the gay men coupling up and getting married early-ish in life (myself included) our gaydolescence isn't even going to last into our 30s.

My enduring gaydolescence may be over. But that's not to say I'm going to get fat. I'm not throwing out my tank tops, nor do I plan to stop having fun. I'm married, not dead, and there are some things I have now - things I never had as a teenager - that I'll never give up.


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